Professors like to publish. On this page, you can find cites to  my published and soon to be published scholarship.

Law Review Articles



(copies available free of charge)

1. Parental Reimbursement for Services They Provide as Quasi-Therapists under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (in progress)

2. Is a Labor Relations Evidentiary Privilege Developing?21 Berkeley J. Lab. & Empl. L. No. 1 (forthcoming 2008)

3. Duty Of Fair Representation Jurisprudential Reform(in progress)(with NYU Professor Samuel Estreicher)

4. Our Nation’s Forgotten Workers: The UnprotectedVolunteers, 9 U. Pa. J. Lab. & Emp. L. 147 ( Fall 2006)

5. Assignment of Labor Arbitration (by invitation)(presented at international ADR conference sponsored by St. John’s Law School and Chartered Institute of Arbitrators in London England in July 2006)

81 St. Johns L. Rev. 41 (2007)

6. Union Immunity From Suit In New York, 2 N.Y.U. J. L. & Bus 641 (Summer 2006)(lead article).

7. Altering Judicial Review Of Labor Arbitration Awards, 2006 Mich. St. L. Rev. 235 (Summer)(lead article). Awarded 2007 Otto L. Walter Distinguished Writing Award by New York Law School Faculty

8. Survey of Privacy Issues In Public Sector Bargaining

And Emerging Legal Issues In The Public Sector, 58th Ann. N.Y.U. Conf. on Lab. ___(Nash & Estreicher eds.)(by invitation).

9. Advisory Arbitration Under New York Law: Does It Have A Place In Employment Law? 79 St. Johns L. Rev. 419 (Spring 2005).

10. A New York Court Recognizes A Labor Union Evidentiary Privilege, 9 The Labor Lawyer 595 (Fall 1993).

11. The Use of Predischarge Misconduct Discovered After An Employee’s Termination As A Defense In Employment Litigation, 24 Suffolk Univ. L. Rev. 1 (1990) (lead article).

12. The Affirmative Action Controversy, 3 Hofstra Labor LawJournal 111 (1985).

Other Publications

1. Attorney Labor Unions, 79 N.Y.S. Bar Journal 23 (Jan. 2007)

2. Employee Blogging At Work, Letter to The Editor, New York Law Journal, p. 2, col. 6 (Feb. 27, 2007)

3. Revised Chapter On Public Employee Strikes, Public Sector Labor and Employment Law (2d Ed. 1998).(By Lefkowitz, Osterman & Townley)

4. Contributing Editor, Drafted Section On Excessive Penalities, Discipline & Discharge in Arbitration (By Norman Brand)(ABA 1998)

5. Reciprocal Discovery In Teacher Discipline ProceedingUnder Section 3020-a Of The Education Law, Vol. 23, No. 2, p. 23, Labor & Employment Newsletter (NYS Bar Ass’n June 1998)

6. Labor Arbitration Under New York Law, 64 N.Y.S. BarJournal 35 (Sept./Oct. 1992)

7. Refusal to Hire Overqualified Applicants May ConstituteAge Discrimination, New York Law Journal, May 17, 1991 at 1, col. 1

8. Don’t Burden The Employers, National Law Journal, Oct. 30, 1989, at 13, col. 1.