Advice On Choosing Law School Classes/Activities


I generally advise students to choose their law school classes as follows: First, and foremost students should take the classes which will prepare them for the bar examination. Without passing this rite of passage, your simply not a lawyer. Second, the student should take as many classes as they can in the field of law which they want to practice in.

Additionally, students should get involved in school activties that will enrich their educational experiences while building their resume. An example could be holding elective office in a student organization such as the Education Law Society. Students should go to after school lectures and events and mingle with speakers, jurists, lawyers and professors.

Labor Law

Most schools have several labor and employment classes and if your serious about this field of law you should strive to take them all.   

However, if your time is absolutely limited, the core courses which must be taken are labor law, employment law and employment discrimination. After those classes are taken, classes in employee benefits, labor arbitration, public sector labor law and advanced labor law are important.

Education Law

For the student interested in a career in Education Law, he or she  should take Education Law and Children and the Law as core courses. After that I recommend taking public sector labor law, an advanced constitutional law class which addresses 1983 actions and administrative law.

Clinical Education and Part-Time Employment

Many of you might be surprised to learn that I am not a big fan of clinical education or part-time employment. My reasoning is that law school is for a short period of time and it is more productive to take substantive classes. For the same reason, I do not favor part-time employment.

However, if you are able to secure a part-time job in a field of law which your interested in and where their is a real possiblity that the  position could lead to full-time employment upon graduation, it might be worth it to take that part-time job.