About Us


Professor Paws, Inc. will educate and engage students to help shelter animals by developing a bond between the students and their local animal care facilities.


Who We Are

We are leaders, educators, and students.  Most of all, we are caring citizens who want animal shelters to be one of the first places a family conciders when looking for a new pet. 


About Us


Leaders, educators, students, caring citizens and animal shelters will work together, planning events and creative activities that showcase shelter animals, while educating students about companion animals.


We believe…


  • Shelter animals are as valuable as any other available companion animal.
  • Children want to help animals.
  • Children are future animal owners.
  • Children are future shelter volunteers.
  • Successful shelters have successful volunteer programs.



Become a leader, become involved.  Contact us now and help bring students and animal shelters together.