Professor Joel Lamore, San Bernardino Valley College

Spring 2017 Courses

English 015 Preparation for College Writing (section 20)

TTh 12:00noon-1:50pm Room B221

English 102 Intermediate Composition and Critical Thinking (section 02)

MW 12:00noon-1:50pm Room B120 

English 102 Intermediate Composition and Critical Thinking (section 11)

MW 8:00am-9:50am Room B120

English 224 Independent Study: Literary Magazine Production (section 01)

T 2:00pm-3:50am Room B217

English 071/271 English Literature: 18th Century (section 01)
TTh 9:00am-10:50am Room LA104

Note: 14 week class from 02/14/17 to 05/18/17.

Summer 2017 Course

Registration for summer courses begins on April 24 for those with earliest priority. Check registration dates for priority categories and dates.

English 102 Intermediate Composition and Critical Thinking (section 20)
MTWTh 8:00am-10:20am Room HLS138
Note: 7 week class from 06/19/17 to 08/03/17.

Note about Waiting Lists

Please note that wait lists through the regular registration process are now available for most classes. Students who wish to add a class that is already full must join the wait list on WebAdvisor (instead of contacting instructors). Once on the wait list, students should check their college email address daily for notification of opportunity to register. If not registered by the first class day, waitlisted students should attend first class period. If there are no-shows, students may be added according to wait list order. (Note that some faculty may use methods other than wait list to determine how students are added in first week.)