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Professor M. Kostic's Publications, Etc. 

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Kostic presented his newly-developed fundamental concept-theories at International Forum on Frontier Theories of Thermal Science” at Tsinghua University (Wiki), in Beijing, China, December 18-20, 2011. See The Forum*Photos&Sightseeing  The Bridge (China2009),Beijing 2011 and China 2013... some Reflections (PDF). See also The 2011 San Diego 2011 Symposium (PDF ...more & Kostic's paper)

Encyclopedia/Handbook/Book Invited Reference Publications:

(*) Kostic's first publication (in Serbian with Abstract in English): a reflection of the Second Law of Thermodynamics on global natural processes and cycles: МКостићЧовечaнcтво не требa дa стрaхује за eнeргијом и сировинама,  [M. Kostic, "Mankind Should Not Be Worried About Energy and Raw Materials"Tehnika J. (a major journal of Engineering Society of Serbia), No. 9, p. 1421-1428 (T1-T8) (1975)]. Also:  M. Kostic, "Exergy, Not Energy (A Contribution to the Exergy Analysis of Energy Processes)." Tehnika J., No. 11 p. 1555-1558 (1978).

Patents/Inventions: Nondisclosure_agreement (*)
► Kostic, M., M. Golubovic, J.R. Hull and S.U.S. Choi, ONE-STEP METHOD FOR THE PRODUCTION OF NANOFLUIDSDOE-ANL invention S-105,821U.S. Patent Number: US 7,718,033 B1, (PDF), Publication Date 18 May 2010. 

► Kostic, M., M. Golubovic, J.R. Hull and S.U.S. Choi, One-Step Method for the Production of Nanofluids, ANL invention S-122,261, U.S. Patent-Divisional Application No.12/729,494 filed by U.S. Department of Energy (Brian John Lally/Katherine Baldwin, Patent Attorney) on 3/23/2010. Additional Claims to the above
► Kostic, M., Hybrid Heater - Cooler Chiller Integrator with Thermal Transformer (HHCCI‑TT) System for Efficient Heating, Cooling, Refrigeration, and Air ConditioningU.S. Provisional Patent Application Number: 61/297,958 of 25 January 2010.(M-S)


Journal and Archival Conference Publications:
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This is Prof. Kostic's Web site being transitioned from the original or Legacy Web(*) - sorry for broken links referring to it!