NASCAR Performance/Efficiency - Kostic at MWR

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Professor M. Kostic (MK) Visits Michael Waltrip Racing (MWR)
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Improving and optimizing energy flows and advanced thermal management in racing cars
   (where every detail does matter!) will make the 
winning difference.
 There is always a way to creatively tweak nearly every racing car component and to squeeze out just a little more performance juices, particularly in less visible thermal energy area in addition to more visible car dynamics (Thermodynamics is important in addition to Dynamics).” (by M. Kostic* More at:  
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".......It is important to repeat again, that computational simulation and ingenious experimentation engineering have their exclusive strengths and weaknesses and can not replace each-other, particularly for the cutting-edge performance, but if properly integrated, will strongly complement each-other, resulting in a synergistic winning outcome. “With unprecedented advances in computational software and hardware, it is now possible for more people to get bad results faster and cheaper than ever before.” The message behind this quote is that many software are becoming more and more sophisticated, with more and more features and user friendlier, but we have to be very careful about how to use it and how to interpret and justify simulation outcomes. Profound understanding of physical phenomena and software features and constrains are very critical in properly setting-up simulations and outcomes justifications. Tendency of use of CFD simulation software by fluid/thermal non-experts is risky at best and may be costly. It is equally true for setting up a good experimental testing. (by M. Kostic)