Welcome to my site which is primarily devoted to providing access to my scholarly work in ethics and political philosophy

I am a Professor of Philosophy at Tulane University where I am also a Faculty Member of the Murphy Institute of Political Economy. A good deal of my writings concern the moral foundations of rights, the nature of moral rights, the justification of property rights, historical understandings of economic justice, the scope of legitimate coercion and the extent (if any) of the legitimate state, and various dimensions of the dispute between versions of natural law theory and versions of legal positivism. I like to think that a good number of my essays attempt to deal with hard problems for libertarian theory that libertarian theorists are often thought not to address.

In addition to the material made available here, see my Libertarianism from Polity Press (August 2018).

I have a secondary interest in 17th century political philosophy, especially in Locke.  See my book on Locke's political thought, John Locke, from Bloomsbury Press. And I have a tertiary interest in mid to late 19th century radical libertarian (and anarchist) thought. See my two edited volumes, Herbert Spencer's The Man vs.The State and Auberon Herbert's The Right and Wrong of Complusion and Other Essays.