Thank You's

and Letters of Support

Howard University Department of Theatre Arts Former Students - Thank You's & Letters of Support

Rebekah Wilson, Arts Educator (2012 graduate)

My name is Rebekah D. Wilson. I am currently a Teaching Artist, Literacy Specialist, and actress, living and working in New York City. I am a former student of Professor Denise J. Hart.

My experiences with Professor Denise Hart have been nothing short of extraordinary. From the moment I entered Howard University to my final semester as a senior, Professor Hart has been a remarkable teacher, mentor, and guide. Two of the best attributes that I could use to describe Professor Hart are her generosity and undying passion for her profession. - Click here to continue reading.

Atrice Williams, Actress and Arts Activist (2009 graduate)

I am a Howard University alumna from the class of 2009. At the outset of my matriculation I majored in Theatre within the Department of Fine Arts during the Fall 2004 and Spring 2005 semester. I had the keen pleasure of studying under Professor Denise J. Hart and ten years later I am honored to recommend Professor Hart for the promotion she is requesting. - Click here to continue reading.

Letter of thanks from freshman acting major Ryan Swain. (spring 2013)

Mark McKinnon, Actor & CEO McKinnon Acting Studios (2009 graduate)

It is my pleasure to write a letter in support of Professor Denise Hart as she is being considered for a promotion in the Department of Theatre Arts at Howard University.

I had the honor of meeting Prof. Hart at my audition to get into the Howard University Department of Theatre Arts in the spring of 2005. My freshman year I was a student in her Playwriting class. She was the very first person to teach me the details of understanding characters and creating scripts, which has influenced my writing of today. She offered me my first role in a Howard University Theatre Department show that she directed entitled Day of Absence by Douglas Turner Ward. - Click here to continue reading.

Lydia John, CEO Make a Change Performing Arts LLC. in Detroit MI (2009 graduate)

My endorsement for Professor Hart comes with great emphasis as she has had an impeccable influence on my college experience, as well as my post-grad career. When I think of my initial experiences and impressions of my freshman year at Howard University, I think of Professor Hart. As a Musical Theatre major, I came to Howard with much confidence in my talent as a singer and dancer; I was a big fish in a small pond at home in Detroit. However, somehow I also came with great timidity because I was unsure of what I would embark upon, and whether or not I’d be able to master it. My encounter with Professor Hart second semester proved to me that I should have confidence in attacking the material she would present, but that humility is key, because in all actuality, I knew nothing. - Click here to continue reading.

Thank you note from 2011 graduate Kalea Selmon

Alysha English, Arts Educator (2008 graduate)

Slightly over ten years ago, I met Professor Hart as a freshman at Howard University. As an intellectually curious young woman, I enrolled in classes with Professor Hart that were academically challenging and sparked a fierce creative passion. During her play analysis course, I was exposed to works by playwrights such as Sophocles and Moliere, completing several papers throughout the course of the semester. I continued to complete courses with Professor Hart throughout my time at Howard University and was consistently challenged. After taking classes with Professor Hart nearly every semester, we gradually developed a close relationship and in many ways she provided mentorship. - Click here to continue reading.

Dhakeria Little, Actress and CEO of Little Big Productions LLC. in Charlotte North Carolina (2008 graduate)

It is with great pleasure that I speak on behalf of Denise Hart in the support of a promotion to Full Professor. I have known Denise for 20 years, four of which I was an acting major in the Department of Fine Arts. There are a few capacities in which I have worked with her and I will gladly share my experience as my declaration of support.

As a former student, I have first-hand experience with her style of teaching, which is incredible for those who truly desire to succeed. She creates an environment that is conducive to thinking outside of the box and bringing one’s full potential to the table. There is no pacification with her, thereby eliminating the possibility for a student to rely on a crutch. Her students are forced to tap into that which only they can access by truly doing the work. She brings her students to a deeper recognition of self and provides a space for them to develop and grow as an artist. - Click here to continue reading.