Contributions to Excellence in Teaching

Documentation of artistic excellence in teaching and coaching students reflected by course assignments that exceed the University workload policy of 3/3 course assignment, created new course, coordinator of ongoing visiting playwrights workshop series and continued appointment to serve as Playwriting minor area coordinator.

        • On sabbatical during fall semester 2011.
        • Taught 5 classes spring 2012 semester in the Department of Theatre Arts.
        • Taught 2 classes during summer school in the Department of Theatre Arts.
        • Served as coordinator for Playwriting major. Final year Playwriting is offered as a major. It will now be offered as a minor.
        • Developed new content and methodology for new course, Creative Drama to become Creativity in Life and Theatre. The content was shifted to exploring the introspective study of increasing individual and group creative aptitude within both a dramatic/applied acting technique and non-dramatic context.
        • Reworked methodology for new course content in the course Contemporary Trends. Utilizing comparative analysis techniques with local, national and international theatre productions framed around religious, social, economic, cultural and political trends.
        • Guided and supported students through ongoing advisement sessions
        • Extended learning beyond the classroom through student attendance at local theatrical productions followed by analysis and discussion.
        • Facilitated the Visiting Playwrights Series with invited guest playwrights.

Classes Taught

Fall 2011

Spring 2012

            • Acting Techniques 2
            • Playwriting 2
            • Play Analysis
            • Contemporary Trends in Theatre
            • Creative Drama

Summer 2012

              • Acting for Non Majors
              • Introduction to Theatre