Contributions to Excellence in Teaching

Documentation of artistic excellence in teaching and coaching students reflected by course assignments that exceed the University workload of 3/3 course assignment, departmental direction of full length play and appointment to serve as area coordinator.

      • Taught 4-5 classes each semester in the Department of Theatre Arts.
      • In the fall semester Hart directed "Zooman and the Sign" by Charles Fuller. This endeavor expands Hart’s teaching beyond the classroom as she helped students move from theory to applied techniques within an environment that reflects a culture of professionalism.
      • Taught 2 classes during summer school in the Department of Theatre Arts.
      • Served as area coordinator for the Playwriting major.
      • Served as interim area coordinator Theatre Education major.
      • Coordinator of the Visiting Playwrights' Workshop Series
      • Provide advisement and mentoring to undergraduate students.

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Classes Taught

Fall 2009

            • Acting Techniques 1
            • Methods and Principles of Teaching Drama
            • Play Analysis
            • Playwriting 1
            • Playwriting 3

Spring 2010

            • Acting Techniques 2
            • Contemporary Trends and Issues in American Theatre
            • Play Analysis
            • Playwriting 2

Summer 2010

            • Acting for Non Majors
            • Introduction to Theatre