Table of Contents

Table of Contents

This e-portfolio is organized into four required core areas of review: Teaching, Research/Creative Work, Service and Professional Development. There are ten years of academic and professional accomplishments to review from fall 2009 to spring 2019. Each core area of review lists all of the years for review in chronological order. Once you complete the review of all years in one core area please move to the next core area of review.

To begin, select a core area from the tabs along the top or click on one of the core area: Teaching, Research, Service and Professional Development listed below.

Cover Letter


Letters of Recommendation

Scholarly Review Equivalencies

Specific scholarly review equivalencies for Books, Refereed Articles and General Articles have been created for promotion/tenure portfolio review for the Department of Theatre Arts. The description of the equivalent Research/Creative Work that support the promotion/tenure portfolio review for the Department of Theatre Arts are outlined in the 2018 Department of Theatre Arts Guidelines and Criteria for Promotion and Tenure. Click here for the specific scholarly review equivalencies for the Department of Theatre Arts. To aide in the review process, beneath the heading for each Creative Work the scholarly equivalency is noted.

Honors Awards and Other Distinctions

Leadership Activity


Student Evaluations

Acknowledgements and Thank you