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2013/14 Research

During academic year 2013/14 Hart executed a number of creative activities: 

Scholarly Review Equivalencies 

There are specific scholarly review equivalencies for creative activities designed to support the promotion portfolio review for the Department of Theatre Arts. The full description of review equivalencies are outlined in the Howard University College of Arts and Sciences "Criteria for Appointments, Promotion, Tenure and Career Status" guidelines. Click here for the scholarly review equivalencies for the Department of Theatre Arts. 

Creative Activity 'P' (Scholarly Equivalency - Book)

Hart's Role: Production Director

Production: Dorkalicious Life Reality TV Trailer Shoot
Producer:  Dork Diaries LLC.
Location: Washington DC
Production Dates:  August 22 - 24, 2013

Dork-a-Licious: Life on the Best Sellers List 

Synopsis - Author of the hugely popular children's book series, The Dork Diaries, hired Professor Hart to co-write and direct the reality TV series trailer inspired by her life and share how the book series was born.  

The trailer shares the story of the author's experience when she finds herself suddenly divorced with 2 daughters to raise. She had been a stay at home mom for her entire marriage who dabbled in writing. After the divorce, when things got really tight and her home went into foreclosure followed by her car being towed, she knew she had to do something drastic. She got back to work writing the childrens manuscript she'd been working on for quite some time. 

Finally finished, she sends it off to a literary agent and to her great surprise, not only do they want to represent her, they score a huge publisher and her first book launch ends up on the New York TImes Best Seller list for 74 weeks! 

Photos: Hart leading production shoot on location: 

Creative Activity 'Q' (Scholarly Equivalency - Book)

Hart's Role: Playwright & Artistic Director

Play: Say it Loud - a Celebration of the Civil Rights Movement
Producer: The Children's Theatre Workshop
Location: Washington DC
Rehearsal Dates: June 19 - July 24, 2014
Production Dates: July 23 & 24, 2014


This play was actually prompted by me seeing an old record player in one of the prop rooms here at Howard. Looking at the record player got me to thinking about old albums and some of my favorite songs from when I was growing up. For instance, Say it Loud I’m Black and I’m Proud by James Brown. Then, I started to think about black pride and history and how relevant it is to always revisit the truth of history so that we remember from whence we come and acknowledge those legends and important persons (both famous and not so famous, like our own family members) who made it possible for this country and all of its citizens to experience the freedoms that resulted from the change they helped to create.

This production provides a unique opportunity to bring history alive and into the hearts, minds and spirits of our youth and the entire community.

Supportive Artifacts
Play Script Say it Loud - Click Here
Production Program - Click Here
iTeach Family Production Guide - Click Here

Photos: final production, group 1 campers, final production: