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2011/12 Research

During academic year 2011/12 Hart executed a number of creative activities including activities while on sabbatical in fall 2011: 

Scholarly Review Equivalencies 

There are specific scholarly review equivalencies for create activities designed to support the promotion portfolio review for the Department of Theatre Arts. The full description of review equivalencies are outlined in the Howard University College of Arts and Sciences "Criteria for Appointments, Promotion, Tenure and Career Status" guidelines. Click here for the specific scholarly review equivalencies for the Department of Theatre Arts. 

Creative Activity 'G' (Scholarly Equivalency - Book)

Hart's Role: Playwright

Play: Nothing to Lose
Producer:  Playwrights Forum
Director: Brandon White
Event: Developmental staged reading
Location: Washington DC
Rehearsal Dates: November 10 - 28, 2011
Production Date:  November 29, 2011

Public reading of full length play script - "Nothing to Lose"  (11/29/2011) at St. Paul Episcopal Church produced by The Playwrights Forum

Photos: Reading rehearsals, actor getting into character, panel discussion with producer Ernie Joslewitz, director Brandon White and playwright Denise J. Hart:


Video Clip Nothing to Lose Rehearsal - Playwrights Forum:

Nothing to Lose Playwrights Forum2012

Creative Activity 'H' (Scholarly Equivalency - Book)

Hart's Role: Playwright & Master Class Facilitator

Play: Nothing to Lose written by Denise J. Hart
Producer:  African Continuum Theatre Company
Director: Otis Ramsey Zoe
Event: Staged reading
Location: Washington DC
Master Class Date: March 22, 2012 ("Understanding the Playwriting Process")
Rehearsal Dates: March 20 - 26, 2012
Production Date: March 26, 2012

"Denise, your play, Nothing to Lose, is just brilliant. Your words so crafted and hard hitting at the same time. Characterization, conversation so convincing - I couldn't maintain intellectual distance, I kept thinking I was eavesdropping. And I wanted to know more and more. Congratulations!" ~ Dr. Carolivia Heron, International Author & Professor of Afro American Studies


Family. Love. Betrayal. Honor... 

Set in Omaha Nebraska six months after Hurricane Katrina, the full-length drama "Nothing to Lose" tells the story of black FOX newscaster Stephen Campbell as he attempts to become a mentor to black youth in his community and his efforts to shape the representation of black images via the news.

After two 13-year-old black male cousins shoot each other during a gang initiation gone awry, Campbell struggles to come to terms with his inability to prevent the deaths. The tragic deaths reveal conflicting intra-racial views that threaten to tear apart Campbell's Buppie lifestyle and his very own family.

Photos: actors in rehearsal, director Otis Ramsey Zoe observing rehearsal:

Supportive Artifacts 
Play Script Nothing to Lose - Click Here 

Creative Activity 'I' (Scholarly Equivalency - Book)

Hart's Role: Director

Play: Secret Mist of Blue written by Barbara K. Asare-Bediako
Producer:  DC Queer Theatre Festival 
Location: Washington DC
Rehearsal Dates: May 1 - 17, 2012
Production Dates: May 18 & 19, 2012

Click here to read an article about the DC Queer Theatre festival

Supportive Artifacts
Play Script Secret Mist of Blue - Click Here

Creative Activity 'J' (Scholarly Equivalency - Book)

Hart's Role: Playwright & Director

Play: Mysterious Case of Classroom #459
Producer:  The Children's Theatre Workshop
Location: Washington DC
Rehearsal Dates: June 18 - July 19, 2012
Production Dates: July 20 & 21, 2012


The Mysterious Case of Classroom #459 unfolds at the 'Make it Right' Public Charter School, where the 8th grade class is reluctant to graduate  and move on to the senior high school across town.  Fearful of the unknown, they want to stay at the school where they have many fond memories. The day before graduation, on a dare from a 1st grader, the 8th graders enter the forbidden classroom #459 and something goes terribly awfully wrong. When the 8th graders come out of classroom, #459, they are now 1st graders and the 1st graders are proud rising 9th graders. What was once safe and familiar has become topsy turvy and completely turned on its head. Can anything be done to set things right side up again? 

Go on a journey of growth, maturity, curiosity and exploration of how to overcome our greatest fears. 

Supportive Artifacts
Play Script  Mysterious Case of Classroom #459 - Click Here
Production Program - Click Here
iTeach Family Production Guide - Click Here

Photos: camp group photo, music rehearsal, step practice, ready to go on stage: