Denise J. Hart

Hart is a recipient of the 2018 Outstanding Tenured Associate Professor in the College of Arts and Sciences at Howard University - this award emphasizes overall achievements in research, teaching and service.


to the electronic promotion portfolio for Denise J. Hart.

The purpose of this portfolio is to provide relevant materials to review and evaluate my application for promotion to Full Professor in the Department of Theatre Arts at Howard University.

This portfolio is designed to document my sustained record and quality of scholarship research/creative accomplishments appropriate to the disciplines of playwriting and dramaturgy. Additionally, this portfolio documents my service executed academically and nationally, the level of impact of my teaching and the substantial contributions I've made to my field and the University.

The scholarly research/creative work documented in this portfolio should be reviewed using the scholarly review equivalencies outlined in the 2018 Department of Theatre Arts Guidelines and Criteria for Promotion and Tenure. Access to these equivalencies can be found at the top of each designated year of Research/Creative Work, as well as by clicking here. However, below is the review criteria from the document:

Quantity of Scholarly Research Criteria

Although it can be difficult to quantify an acceptable number for a tenure-promotion portfolio given the variety of possibilities, nevertheless, as a reasonable benchmark applicants/candidates are expected to satisfy a combination of the equivalency criteria listed below over the period of review:

      • Book Equivalencies - a minimum of 2 items from the scholarly criteria equivalencies list
      • Refereed Articles - a minimum of 3 items from the scholarly criteria equivalencies list
      • General Articles - a minimum of 6 items from the scholarly criteria equivalencies list

How to Navigate this Electronic portfolio

This electronic portfolio is organized into four required core areas of review:

There are ten years of academic and professional accomplishments to review from fall 2009 to spring 2019. Each core area of review lists all of the years for review in chronological order. Once you complete the review of all years in one core area please move to the next core area of review.

To begin, select a core review area from the tabs along the top to access the materials.

Thank you,

Denise J. Hart