Research Interests


My book, Topics in the Philosophy of Possible Worlds is, as its name suggests, largely about the metaphysics of necessity and possibility, and of possible worlds.  (Though some of it was philosophical logic, and some of it philosophy of mathematics, some of it was on general questions of philosophical methodology…)  I’m still interested in the metaphysics of modality, and in addition I’ve recently been working on some issues in the metaphysics of mereology (parts and wholes), and questions about space, time, objects and vagueness.  I'm gearing up to articulate my views on states of affairs, events and properties and relations.

David Lewis

David Lewis, has been published by Acumen Publishing in the UK in their “Philosophy Now” series, and by McGill-Queen's University Press in North America.

Lewis’s work is a continuing source of inspiration: as an exemplar, a source of philosophical problems, and a source of interesting and provocative suggested solutions to those problems.  I’m sure I will continue to try to work out where he was right and where he was wrong, and where his views can be improved upon.


One recurring philosophical interest of mine has been in fictionalism.  (I’ve already done some in my Stanford encyclopedia entry, mentioned below; "Moral Fictionalism" (with my co-authors), the paper published in Mark Kalderon’s Fictionalism in Metaphysics, and in my 1996 and 1997 papers, mentioned below (the 1996 one with John Hawthorne).  Several chapters of my Topics book deal with modal fictionalism as well.  Graham Oppy and I are co-writing a book which will be a general introduction to fictionalism, its varieties, virtues and vices.

Theoretical Virtues

One of my on-going sidelines is worrying about which features of a theory make for a good theory and which make for a bad one.  (I have to worry about this as an applied question whenever I have a theory of something, but I have a more general and abstract interest in the question as well.) Some day soon I want to try to have more systematic views about methodology, in the sciences and in philosophy. Publications in this area include my “Quantitative Parsimony” and “Is Fertility Virtuous in its Own Right?”.  I’m currently writing two other papers on methodology in the sciences and in philosophy.  I have also begun to write a monograph on theoretical virtues, though this is still at an early stage.

Philosophical Methodology

This interest of mine is connected to my interest in theoretical virtues, immediately above.  Two of my papers in this area are my and “Who’s Afraid of Infinite Regresses?” and my recent "Contemporary Metaphysicians and Their Traditions" (published in 2010, despite the 2007 date on the journal issue).  I anticipate my work on theoretical virtues in inquiry generally will feed into more work on methodology specifically in philosophy, and vice versa.

Everything Else

I’m interested in all sorts of topics in philosophy, and the stack of paper drafts glaring at me from my hard-drive is a menagerie.   Philosophy of Language, Philosophical Logic, Meta-ethics, Ancient Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Probability, Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion… I’d almost like to stop having new ideas for a year or two to get some of these completed, but working out something new is one of the best parts of this job, and besides with any luck the more practice and experience I have, the better the new ideas will be.  But I’m fond of some of these old ones too, and the plan is to continue to gradually let the better-behaved ones out of their cages.

Full Publication List


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This paper can be found

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This paper can be found for free
here, thanks to Project Euclid.

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This paper can be found

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Encyclopedia Entries


2002 "Modal Fictionalism" , an entry in Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy . Main Entry plus three sub-entries.  Latest version 2011.


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Book Reviews

2007       Review of Joseph Melia's Modality.  Mind 116.461: 187-190

2004       Review of Charles Chihara’s The Worlds of Possibility: Modal Realism and the Semantics of Modal Logic.  Studia Logica 76.3: 443-446

2001        Review of Concha Martinez, Uxia Rivas and Luis Villegas-Forero (editors) Truth in Perspective:  Recent Issues in Logic, Representation and Ontology.  Studia Logica, 68.3: 404-407

2003        Review of Preyer, G. and Siebelt, F. (eds) Reality and Humean Supervenience: Essays on the Philosophy of David Lewis. Philosophical Review  112.2: 263-266

1999        Review of Michael Tooley’s Time, Tense and Causation.  Erkenntnis 50: 141-148

1998       Review of Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, Diana Raffman and Nicholas Asher (eds) Modality, Morality and Belief:  Essays in Honor of Ruth Barcan   Marcus.  Philosophical Quarterly 191: 253-255

Published Abstracts of Presented Papers

1999        “An Uneasy Marriage” Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 5: 490

1997        “A Debate on Hypergunk”, (with A.P. Hazen) Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 3: 365

1996         “Expressive Completeness Without Possible Worlds:  The Hazen Cases” Bulletin of Symbolic Logic 2: 116         


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