Web Resources for Philosophy Job-Seekers

This contains some useful information about where to look for philosophy jobs in the UK, and some information about non-UK philosophy jobs.  As you can imagine, neither I nor my employer can guarantee the quality of job information found in the links below.

The biggest clearinghouse for philosophy jobs in the English speaking world is now Philjobs: Jobs for Philosophers.  It should probably be your first stop in looking for philosophy jobs both in the UK and beyond.

UK links

This is, in my view, the most useful website after Philjobs for UK positions, with listings of lots of academic and non-academic jobs.
This is a mailing list that provides notifications for most philosophy jobs in Britain. Unfortunately it is rather high-volume. You can subscribe, and it has archives available, if you don't wish to subscribe.

There are a number of Funding Bodies for Postdoctoral Fellowships in Britain.  The major ones of relevance to philosophers are:
The Analysis "studentship", despite its name, often functions as a postdoctoral fellowship.  There is only one a year, but you are only competing against other philosophers.
Arts and Humanities Research Council
In particular, their Fellowships for Early Career Researchers.  Postdoctoral fellowships are also available through large grant funding - you would have to find someone else to be the primary investigator.
British Academy
In particular, their postdoctoral fellowships may be of interest.

Leverhulme Trust
In particular, their Early Career Fellowships.
The Oxford Gazette
This contains information about Oxford and Cambridge JRFs and othe research fellowships (search for "appointments") - it's probably the most reliable source for them, along with the Cambridge Reporter.
Their jobs section is searchable for philosophy jobs.
In particular, their jobs section can be searched for philosophy jobs.


USA links

You can browse the academic jobs they are advertising by keyword.
The association has a jobs page with job opportunities in ethics, especially practical and professional ethics. They do not just advertise US jobs, either.
This is an unofficial page about US jobs - it is worth looking at to see what sorts of academic jobs are available in the US and when those jobs reach various stages (contacting interviewees, campus flyouts, offers).

This is the website for information about when and where the APA meetings are held, and where you can join the APA.  It used to be the main source of job ads for philosophy in the USA, but now that's been absorbed into Philjobs.

Australia and New Zealand links

Australasian Association of Philosophy

This webpage contains links to lots of philosophy information in Australasia (i.e. Australia and New Zealand), including information about job opportunities. If you're interested in getting job notifications, you should sign up for the free list-serve aphil-l, the information for which is on this page.

Australian Research Council
The ARC funds postdocs (Australian Postdoctoral Fellowships, or APDs) that can be held at any Australian university, though you'd need to make arrangements with someone at a potential host institution before applying.  Here is the page with links to the funding rules for this and other schemes.  It also funds postdocs as part of large research grants - if you know someone in Australasia who could be primary investigator for a grant, this is another route to an ARC-funding postdoc.

Jobs Elsewhere

Jobs in Philosophy
This website has jobs listed from all over the world in different categories.  I do not know how exhaustive it is, but it contains listings for lots of jobs that I do not come across elsewhere.

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