Cynthia Pittmann Doleto

Ph.D. in
Catedrático Asociado

Correo electrónico
Teléfono: (787) 764-0000 x8870
Dirección PostalFacultad de Estudios Generales, PO Box 23323, San Juan PR 00931-3323
Oficina: JBR 348
English 3135  Journey in Literature
English 3011-3012 Honors English

NEW - ESGE 4995 Autobiography, Memoir and Creative Nonfiction (General Studies Bachelor Program)

Additional Courses

English 3151-3152 Literature and the Human Condition
English 3011 -5012 Honors English
English 3211-3212 Literature for Engineering Students
English 3103  Intermediate English (Introduction to College Writing/Literature/Non-Fiction)
English 3104  Intermediate English (Introduction to College Writing/Literature/Fiction)
English 31o1-3102 Basic English
English 3161-3162 Intensive English
English 3161-3162L Intensive English Laboratory
English 3163-3164 Intensive English (pilot course format)
English 3003-3004 Basis English and Laboratory (discontinued 4 credit course)
INSI 3001 English for Communication Basic
INSI 3101 English for Communication Intermediate

Assistant Professor

English Department Interim Director 
(May 2012- January 2015)

Ph.D. University of Puerto Rico
Language and Literature

Dissertation: Jamaica Kincaid’s Interactive Autobiography in its Literary Context

Research and Academic Interest:

Creative nonfiction, memoir, poetry, autobiography, narrative, cyber-learning and student change, creativity and writing development 
Social factors related to violence and hate crimes

M. A. San Diego State University
Speech Communication (rhetorical communication/interpersonal communication/intercultural communication/British public address)

B. A.  San Diego State University
Speech Communication
Telephone: (787) 764-0000 x 88800, 88803, 88870
Mailing Address
University of Puerto Rico, Río Piedras
College of General Studies/English Department
PO Box 23323 
San Juan PR
Office: General Studies College (FEG) in Jaime Benítez Rexach building, English Department 
Jame Benítez Rexach #348 ext. 88807
Office Hours: 
By appointment




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2011        Book Introduction: The Indelible Heart by Marianne K. Martin, Bywater Books  <>

2007       Book Chapter: "Jamaica Kincaid; Image Manipulation and Perception," In a Sea of Heteroglossia; Pluri-Lingualism, Pluri-Culturalism, and 

                 Pluri-Identification in the Caribbean. Eds. Nicholas Faraclas, et al. University of Netherlands Antilles, 311-318. 2007.          

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2006       Article: “Silent Talking; Agency and Voice in Naipaul’s Miguel Street,” La Torre

2006       Article: “A Refusal to Negotiate; Transgression and Transformation in Jamaica Kincaid’s Annie John, Lucy and Autobiography of My Mother,” Sargasso; Four Caribbean Women Writers 

2005       Article: “Voice, Vulnerability and Violation; An Exploration Jamaica Kincaid’s Disorienting Disclosures in My Brother,” La Torre

2004       Anthology (poetry):
 “Living Underground,” “I Write” and “Privacy Fence” in Festschrift; Homenaje: Dr.Carlos Varona, Editorial Plaza Mayor