Client testimonials

Hi Joe,

Thank you for coming and teaching Energy, Innovation and Change at Avendra on August 26th 2008.  Our associates gave us really great feedback from the class.  Everyone enjoyed your interaction and activities which they found to be very helpful.  I have compiled an evaluation feedback form from all the evaluations that I received from your class. 

Thank you once again for taking the time to come to Avendra and instructing this class.

Dalbeer Mann

My comments on this training session:

  • Fantastic Training (I will use the training as soon as tomorrow)
  • Good, solid overview
  • Good exercises, Moved very quickly
  • Joe managed discussions effectively to keep us on topic
  • Would also be effective for SVPs
  • Would be great to compile the info that was pulled together
  • Thought provoking
  • I need to incorporate 2-3 major actions from this class
  • Focus on applying key learning
  • Awesome presenter
  • Awesome group activities with useful insight
  • Kept everyone engaged
  • Good conversation
  • Good Participation
  • Great balance of Avendra examples and academic materials
  • Good to have my direct reports have an opportunity to participate
  • Exec Committee should take this course
  • I was expecting something different (the name of the course did not match what was covered), I was very happy with material and content
  • Very useful to help shift mindset and feel energized about current biz predicaments
  • I am not really sure the objective of the class, I did find the subject matter interesting and somewhat applicable to my role at Avendra
  • Well done - The key to success was engaging the audience, group participation, and individual involvement
  • It would be nice to have a follow up meeting in one year to check/verify changes
  • Loved hearing how other companies conduct themselves
  • Great way to relate all information to our daily lives
  • Group skit was engaging
  • Good interaction among peers
  • Encouraging environment and atmosphere
  • I appreciated the interaction and relevant exercises
  • Great class to get us all thinking, good cross functional discussion, interesting framework that help me consider information, change, etc
  • Joe is definitely an “energizer” and this course was a welcome way to get a day of creative time
  • Course activities were a good balance to the lecture part
  • Good group of participants (engaged)
  • Great content and foundation to bring it to the next level, presenter made it fun and was knowledgeable
  • Good information
  • Not sure how to apply change upward but will work on it
  • Very informative session


This is excellent!!  We evaluate on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the highest.  You have the second highest rated session in the program. 
                - email from program coordinator for week-long "Leading for Results" program, in which I teach a customized 3-hour "Personal Leadership" session three times a year, August 2008.


•A good reminder and highly engaging
•Great handouts
•Terrific interaction generated a lot of discussion
•Loved the skits
•Very good example, clear and concise
•Good, Thanks
•Very engaging; Interesting as the week progresses, presentations seemed to be more engaging; Nobody was getting tired
•Very interesting; I might actually read the books he recommended; Lively presentation; Solid things I can take back and apply
•Very good; Mr. Harder was engaging and communicated the information effectively
•Excellent Presentation
•Good Learning experience; Excellently presented
•Time assigned could be higher, but very interesting information
•Very Good; Well done
•Excellent Program; Thought provoking material; This was a super session
•Loved the fill in the blank presentation approach as a way to keep people engaged at the end of a long week