Learning Promises & Learning Contract

Learning Promises
We are grateful that this is a voluntary learning community; a university education is a choice, where students share responsibility with each other and their instructor. I am excited that you are here and want to get to know you through your writing.

We are called to this classroom at this time to learn together. Each of us has a reason to be here and can benefit from what we might do as colleagues on a team. We are asked to show up and pay attention. By paying attention, we might transform studies from something mundane into something sacred, into something we want do anyway, without any outside incentive of a reward, such as high marks or college credit. By paying attention, we might find the joy of just doing, of abandoning ourselves into what this work of the writing classroom has to give us. Find what it is in writing that you want to express about our world and about yourself, and then, be entirely mindful of, and immersed in, that thing, just pour yourself into that thing.

This is a place for college-level communication, critical thinking, meaningful writing, and building the Treehouse community in accord with the goals and missions, policies and priorities of the Treehouse Living & Learning Village, the English Department, and this university. This promise represents my deeper commitments to participate in this cooperative classroom as well as abide by the policy statements.

As your instructor, I will do my best to be polite, prepared, professional, punctual, and passionate about every aspect of this course. So let me honest, I have a problem with punctuality and might be late sometimes, but as I am honest about my imperfections and try to improve, I hope this will inspire all of us to be authentic and to show each other grace, even as we are grateful for the chance to be better. As the instructor,  I will always respect your rights, concerns, and opinions, and I expect the same respect from you towards me and the rest of the learning community. I will read all of your work carefully, respond thoughtfully, suggest areas for improvement, and evaluate your performance fairly. - Andrew Smith

Our Learning Village classroom is a special space where students, teachers, and mentors get to learn from each other. As your mentor, I learn just as much from you as you do from me. As a fellow student, I’m training for a career and life outside of this classroom just like you are.


I promise to promote, support, and further your education not only academically but also practically. They call me a mentor instead of a tutor or teacher’s assistant for a reason. I’m here to help you with your writing assignments and teach you new and interesting topics. But I’m also here to help you navigate this sometimes intimidating experience of college. I will be open and honest about my experiences as a student at Tech in the hopes that you can learn something.


I promise to learn alongside you in this classroom and in one-on-one sessions. I will do my best to accommodate your individual circumstances. If I can’t help you, I will help you find someone who can. I am devoted to making your experience in the Treehouse an enriching one. If it weren’t for my eye opening experiences in this very classroom, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I’m incredibly excited to have the blessing of being your mentor this semester, and I look forward to learning with you. - Chelsea Mathes 

The purpose of a college education is to further our knowledge towards future careers and fields bigger than ourselves. It is an effort towards our idealized futures, but more importantly it is an effort towards finding our idealized selves. I'm here as a means to get you to that better tomorrow, but I also want you to be that better tomorrow. 

With this in mind I am going to give you my 100%. What that looks like, and what that feels like varies. A lot of times it looks like late nights. It looks like instant coffee wrappers, and it looks like the bags under my eyes aren't Gucci brand. But my 100 will always be with you and your future in mind, I want to see you succeed in this class.

What I ask for is your 100% with the understanding that life happens. I am a person, and I know that 100% isn't always possible. And I know that our present selves are just as important as our future ones. I don't know what your 100% looks like. Maybe it's more than enough, maybe it's just enough, or maybe it's just your best. But more than anything, I want you to try your best. And I want you to succeed. Because that means I will have too. -Jesse Filoteo

Learning Contract
By enrolling in a university level course, you are entering into an implied learning contract with yourself and your instructor. Just as I am under contract with the university, please consider the policy statement for this course as a “contract” with yourself and your instructor. 

Please read this policy statement website carefully and thoroughly. Try to understand your roles and responsibilities. We should all understand our mutual obligations and be here because we want to be here. 

The student assumes complete accountability for any failure to fully meet his or her requirements for this course. I will be available to help students outside of class and am always willing to negotiate a positive solution to any problems we might have.