1010-1020 Grading Criteria

Students who invest the necessary effort will generally earn high marks in English 1010/1020. All students are expected to attend classes, revise essays, workshop outside of class with the professor/tutors/academic peer mentors, help others do well in the class, & generally exhibit positive perspectives & professional habits. 

Your final grade of A, B, or C will be based on your total points & the completion of all required work to the best of your ability & the quality of your writing at the end of the term, demonstrated through your best work presented in the Final Portfolio. 

The Final Grade is on a 100 point scale with no maximum
A 90-up
B 80-89
C 70-79

There will be no D in English 1010 or 1020.
All daily work must be attempted in order to pass the class.

15 – Ning Blogs (15 x 1) (no maximum--extra posts for extra points encouraged)

5 – Note-taking and brainstorming journal, kept daily and weekly, checked at the end of the term 

10 – Major Writing 1 – Narrating the Ordinary and Extraordinary

10 – Major Writing 2 – Observing a Place

10 – Major Writing 3 – Profiling a Person

10 – Major Writing 4 – Reviewing an Experience 

10 – Group Projects (Handmaid’s Tale reading group/report; Festival of Writing Participation)

30 – Final Portfolio

To pass the course, earn 3 credit hours, & move on to your remaining required courses, you must achieve a course grade of C or better. To be eligible to submit your Portfolio, you must complete all daily work including regular Blog posts, Workshop Drafts, & Teacher’s Drafts. 

Your instructor will give you direct feedback for each Teacher’s Draft. This feedback—which will include points & narrative feedback, written or spoken in a conference or both— should contribute to an effective revision strategy for the Final Portfolio. The quality of your Teacher's Draft will be evaluated with a narrative response, points based on effort & quality & a score as Exceptional, Very Good, Satisfactory, Needs Work, or Unsatisfactory. The quality grade of your essay is based on your successful interpretation of the writing situation & incorporation of effective writing strategies into your essay.

Snapshots of Essay Quality Grades

Every essay possesses a life its own, located on the page & rooted in the rhetorical situation, the relational & conversational intersection of audience & purpose. No fixed set of arbitrary criteria can ever measure the worth of a particular exercise in prose. In lieu of strictly quantifiable criteria or rigidly applied rubrics, these descriptive standards exist as lampposts along the long street of your own creative process. I hope that they might help guide you towards the success you desire.  

10 Exceptional writing sustains an individual voice and shows some spark of originality or creativity that meets or exceeds assignment expectations, achieving its self-defined purpose and reaching a specific audience. In an academic style, an excellent essay interacts in a confident manner with the writing or ideas of others and navigates successfully through analytical, argumentative, descriptive, and narrative tones. Organizationally, this essay flows, showing paragraph unity & coherence, & incorporating seamless transitions & cues. An excellent essay pleases its reader with a focus on technique, including mature and specific word choice, awareness of active voice, sentence variety, and near flawless grammar/mechanics.

9 Very Good writing strives to achieve everything that the exceptional essay possesses but lacks the confidence & creativity of the A paper, particularly in terms of seamless organization, mature voice, or savvy with secondary sources.

8 Satisfactory writing in most college classes avoids all major errors & shows a strong understanding of the classroom assignment but perhaps not a grasp of the real-world nuances of the rhetorical situation. It may need improvement in organization, mechanics, or citation style. It lacks the professionalism of very good writing.

6-7 Needs Work means unfinished & unfocused but not unworthy. This essay is likely on the right track but lacks enough words, possesses too many errors, or demonstrates deficiency in some area related to clear communication of purpose.  

1-5 Unsatisfactory work fails to do (or even attempt) the proposed or assigned task. It shows a clear lack of effort or a fundamental lack of awareness regarding the work at hand. While a needs work essay can be successfully revised, an unsatisfactory paper needs to be completed rebooted from scratch.