Extra Credit Blogs

Students are encouraged to attend on-campus, extracurricular, and educational events, evaluate those events, and discuss their judgments of those events by writing about them online. 

If the blogs are well-written and at least 300 words, they may earn points.

Students can also blog about most other "off-topic" subjects that interest them including personal struggles with school or extracurricular interests such as sport, music, spirituality, and the like.

Extra Credit (or "Citizenship credit" as I like to see it) serves three functions: (1) It helps students become active members of the larger Tech community; (2) it offers “extra” credit help to “bump-up” borderline or struggling grades; and finally, (3) it provides a safety net for students who violate class policy by skipping class or failing to submit work by allowing students to make up lost credit due to missed work and classes.

Whatever approach a student takes, extra credit blogs allow students to practice their writing and help them improve their standing in the course.