Attendance Policy

Attendance and participation create a vibrant learning community and ensure success. Please attend all classes. 

With the exception of required, university-sponsored events (such as documented out-of-town games for our Golden Eagle student-athletes), we make no distinction between “excused” and “unexcused” absences.

Up to 3 absences for a MWF class are permitted without penalty to accommodate for illness, death-in-the-family, or other similar emergencies. 

Absences 4, 5, and 6 will result in a point penalty, 5 points per absence, at the instructor's discretion. Excessive absences (7 or more in a MWF class) may result in course failure.

In a one-day-per week class, only one absence is allowed without penalty. The second absence will result in a 10 point penalty. 

Within the allowed absences (like "sick days" or "personal days" at a job), all reasons for missing class are equally valid. Students intent on earning an A or B should strive for perfect attendance. Point deductions for missed classes are on a course-by-course basis & at the instructor's discretion.

If you need to miss class for any reason, I expect you to contact me by e-mail or text message -- just as you would at your job. 

If you are planning an absence in advance for personal reasons, please make prior arrangements as a professional courtesy and plan to submit any required work due during your absence.

The university attendance policy:
Regular class attendance is an important part of a student’s total performance required for the satisfactory completion of any course, and an unsatisfactory attendance record may adversely affect a student’s final grade recorded for the course. 1. A student is expected to attend each meeting of every class for which he/she is registered. 2. Each instructor is responsible for explaining, in writing, the practice in the treatment of absences at the beginning of each course.