Income Calculator

Table 1 is an invitation to engage this proposal in two ways: 1) Demonstrate the proposal's hypothesis false: The vast majority of post secondary education and research can AND should be facilitated under the professional paradigm (in substitution of the current university-government-union paradigm); and 2) Perform this calculation at every institution in Canada, US and the UK initiating data collection invaluable to determining the feasibility of the proposal and thereby either fulfill or discover an academic and civic obligation.  I sincerely hope you find the invitation at least an appealing intellectual exercise. 

Ask yourself: As other professionals routinely do, could I operate an independent (though professionally and perhaps even institutionally affiliated) private practice in my area of academic expertise on the income (revenue) this calculator indicates (other sources and forecasts for revenue/income aside)?  If the answer is yes, then I implore you to continue investigation of this proposal - if no, then I do the same, as I want to know how it fails or might be improved.

[My field (program) is Philosophy.  I know that a professional academic practice in Philosophy is without doubt possible – think to before even the Greek Academies. As an adjunct routinely servicing 200 students a year with the direct, but extremely divided support of a single department administrative assistant, shared print services, shared lecture facilities, shared office space and equipment, and access to publically funded university information stores (e.g., libraries), I could easily arrange for these facilities and services at my own expense – a tax deductible expense.  And consider that the figures provided here do not include other sources of revenue/income such as grants, investments, the sale of other goods and services, business incentives, cost-cutting measures such as adopting a partnership or “family business” model, the anticipated financial benefits of PSA and of course simply working harder (e.g., taking on more students/clients or producing more research).  If you want to know what sources (and amounts) of income a professional academia could expect, simply look to the revenue found in universities and note that with the exception of direct, peripheral educational facilities and services, academics are the sole producers of the goods of higher education.]

Table 1: