The Professional Society of Academics is not the proposal for a university, college or institution of any kind.  It is not public or private higher education as we know them.  It is an alternative means of fulfilling the education and research needs of society.  The current triad of functionaries - institutional service units (universities/colleges), government finance (federal/state) and union labour representation - is simply not sustainable.  It is an exploitative paradigm, too expensive to replicate in developing regions, with inadequate and inequitable access to service of dubious quality.

Healthcare, legal, engineering and other valued services are routinely provided by the familiar professions.  The proposal is that higher education be likewise provided, with academics who jointly or severally offer their expertise under the auspices of a professional society and social contract - not as institution-based, union-represented, state-compensated employees.

Triad tenure has been immune to fundamental challenge because there has been no alternative - or so it has seemed.  In reality the modern professions are contemporaries of the triad and its modern institutions.  To contrast these distinct service paradigms might prove constructive, encouraging further avenues for research and reform in higher education.

For the opportunity to review and discuss more recent developments - including the introduction of a second alternative to the triad, the cooperative service paradigm - please go to the proposal blog via the tab above.

Key Documents:  

A New Tender for the Higher Education Social Contract

Academic Cooperative 

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