Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How much experience do you have as a DJ?

A: Since 2003, I have owned and operated Professional DJ Services. Although Wedding Receptions are my area of expertise (and I have performed at some of the most spectacular wedding venues in seven different states), I also have extensive experience performing college parties (fraternity and sorority events), nightclubs, bars, Homecoming/Prom events, birthday parties, pool parties, Holiday parties (including Christmas/Holiday, Valentine's Day, Mardi Gras, St. Patrick's Day, and other events), Corporate events, School dances, and fundraising events.  I founded Professional DJ Services in Montana in 2003, moved to Colorado in 2007, moved to Texas in 2013, moved to Alabama in 2015, moved back to Colorado in 2016, and moved to Santa Barbara County California in 2018.

Q: Why have you moved Professional DJ Services from Montana to Colorado to Texas to Alabama to Colorado... and finally to California?

A: I am an Active Duty military member serving in the United States Air Force, and my assignments have taken me to these wonderful parts of the USA.  In each location, I almost feel as though I have to re-build Professional DJ Services from scratch, however, I always build an outstanding and dependable reputation... and Professional DJ Services continues to earn 100% positive feedback!  I'm happy to be serving the California Central Coast! 

Q: What will you wear to my event?

A: I always dress appropriately for your event. Since every event is unique, this is something I would discuss with you before your event. Typically, I wear a formal tuxedo for most wedding receptions, a shirt-tie/dress pants combination for corporate events, collared shirt/khakis for school dances, something festive for Holiday parties, etc. I coordinate my wardrobe choices with the mood you would like to set for your event.

Q: How do I select music for my event?

A: You can be as involved or non-involved as you would like in selecting the music for your event. I work closely with you to get an idea of your favorite music genres, and to get an idea of the mood you would like to set at your event. I have some excellent resources available on my Website (like the Most Requested Songs or Top Wedding Reception Songs tabs) to help give you some ideas, but those songs represent only about 5,000 songs of the more than 150,000+ songs I have available. I work with you to select some of the specific songs for your event, and use your input to guide the musical direction of the event. Also, I am always ready to play appropriate requests from my extensive collection of Top 40, Hip-Hop, Pop, Oldies, Country, Texas Country, R&B, Classical, Dance, Jazz, Rap, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, 2000s, 2010s, Disco, Trance, Techno, EDM, Salsa, Latin, and numerous other genres. Every event is unique, so whether you want a nice, relaxed/chill atmosphere or a party-packed dance floor all night long... I will work with you in advance to make it happen!

Q: Do you require a contract?

A: Yes. I require a completed contract for all events. The contract details the date, time, location, and contact information for your event. Also, the contract makes your event legal, which extends $1 Million of Liability Insurance coverage.  A sample contract may be found here.

Q: Do you charge a deposit for your services?

A: When you are ready to book my services for your event, I ask that you pay a 50% non-refundable deposit to reserve my services for your date. I do not double-book events on the same day (just in case you need me to play longer or adjust my playing times altogether). Of course, this is NOT an additional payment, but rather applied to the total performance fee due for your event.  For instance, if your performance fee were $1600, your deposit would be $800, and the balance owed by the date of your event would be $800.

Q: When is the balance for my event due?

A: Most of my clients pay their balance 2-4 weeks before their event date. However, I do not require final payment until the date of your event, payable prior to the starting time of your event.

Q: Do you offer party games?

A: Games may not be appropriate for all events (for instance, a formal/elegant wedding reception probably would not be an appropriate place for most party games), but some Corporate Holiday parties or School events are the perfect places for party games. Either way, this is something we would discuss prior to your event. I have hundreds of party game suggestions. Ask me about some fun, free games that are appropriate for your event.

Q: What type of DJ equipment do you use?

A: Professional DJ Services uses state-of-the-art audio and lighting equipment that is designed for use specifically for mobile disc jockeys.  All speakers and subwoofers are independently powered, so it's like having an active backup system with me at all times.  Equipment manufacturers include JBL Professional Series, Shure, VocoPro, American DJ, Chauvet, Global Truss, Arriba, Gator, Monster Cables, Mogami Gold, Crown, Dell Studio Edition, Native Instruments and more.

Q. I have been shopping around.  Many other DJs add taxes, administrative or contracting fees to their total quoted prices.  What are your additional fees?

A. I have NO additional fees and NO hidden fees.  My flat-rate pricing already includes taxes, so when you book me... you will have absolutely NO surprises when it comes to the amount you pay.

Q. I'm on a VERY tight budget for my event.  How can you help me?

A. Just because you are on a very tight budget does not mean you have to sacrifice high-quality professional sound!  My full-service DJ/Emcee packages consistently earn the highest customer ratings and client reviews possible.  The value offered by my full-service DJ packages rivals the top 5% of DJs nationwide... meaning you can be assured that when you hire Professional DJ Services, you are receiving the "best-of-the-best" when it comes to DJs!  I also offer several low-cost and extremely budget-friendly options starting as low as $179!  Check out my Prices/Lighting tab above for details.

Q. What is Professional DJ Services Privacy Policy?

A. Personal information shared with Professional DJ Services is protected and not shared with any third party without permission.