Previous Daily Results For Live Simulator Trading 
(Front Testing of Trading Strategies)

(Sep 2014-Feb 2016 each month a new Sim account was started with $5,000)
(Mar 2014-Mar 2018 each month a new Sim account was started with $7,500)

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2018 Record PMDT Trading Strategy Performances
2017 Record PMDT Trading Strategy Performance
2016 Record PMDT Trading Strategy Performances

2015 Record PMDT Trading 
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2014 Record PMDT Trading Strategy Performances

Daily Account Performance Records from NinjaTrader from March 2011 
until the current time can be viewed by clicking on links at the bottom of this page

Extraordinary Results from a 5-Month Trading Trial Conducted by Prof in 2012 
  • Prof funded 2 different simulator accounts with $15,000 on May 7, 2012.   These accounts were traded with live data on NinjaTrader.  On Sept 30, 2012 the combined total net profit for both accounts had grown to a combined cash value of $59,257,605.  
  • The daily Net Profit numbers are shown in the spread sheet below.

  • No trades were made with these accounts from Sept 24, 2012 through Dec 4, 2012 while Prof took a vacation and constructed this web site.

  • The Inspiron account was not traded Dec 3 -Dec 13, 2012 while that computer was being repaired.

  • Daily trading continued for each month of 2013, and data for Jan - May 2014 was entered each day in the spread sheet below.  

  • View all the numbers from the 5-Month Trading Trial (May-Sept, 2012) of Prof's trading system.  
    Trades were made with the same accounts after that trial.
  • Total Net Profit numbers for each trading day since May 7,2012 are shown in the spread sheet below.
    These LARGE accounts continued to grow for 1 year.
  • In August 2013 Prof began the practice of resetting the Simulator funds available to trade at $5,000 at the beginning of each trading month.  The lowest subsequent profit per month through May 2014 was $55,507 for December 2013.  In March 2014 and April 2014 the monthly total net profit exceeded $1M.  
  • Use the vertical and horizontal sliders to view the entire Spread Sheet.
  • Accounts are named after the computer on which that NinjaTrader Simulator account was installed.
    [Commissions and Fees have not been subtracted from Total Net Profits]


Net Profit Inspiron & Vostro