Conference/Workshop organizer

I am/was organizer of the following events:
  • European Consortium of Political Research (ECPR) Winter School in Methods and Techniques in Bamberg (2016–2018); >400 participants; member of the local organizing committee
  • 38th Congress of the German Sociological Association (DGS) in Bamberg (26-30 Sep 2016), the largest sociological congress in Germany; >2,200 participants; member of the organizing committee 
  • 3rd EXCEPT workshop in Bamberg, 2016: >40 guests from 9 countries; head of organizing committee
  • PhD workshop of the TEW-CCA project in Bamberg (2016); head of organizing committee
  • TEW-CCA project workshops in Baku, Azerbaijan (2015), Dushanbe, Tajikistan (2016), Tbilisi, Georgia (2017);  each workshop ~10–15 participants from 5 countries; head of organizing committee
  • Workshop on "Opportunities and Barriers at the Transition from Education to Work. A Comparative Youth Study in Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Tajikistan" in Bamberg, 2014; head of organizing committee
  • ELM-CEE project workshops in Mannheim (2007), Dijon (2007), Ljubljana (2008), Bamberg (2008), Paris (2009); each workshop ~10–20 participants from 6–10 countries; member of organizing committee (with I. Kogan+C. Noelke)
  • International DAAD summer school “Educational systems and labour markets in Europe” in Varna (Bulgaria), 2007: 33 participants from 14 countries, member of organizing committee (with I. Kogan+C. Noelke)