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§ Online Course on Data Privacy Law (EU, German and U.S. law)

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Course Description

More and more companies and government agencies find themselves in the press and courtrooms for data privacy and security law violations. Given the rapidly increasing technological options to collect and commercialize personal data, this area of the law is rapidly growing. This course will prepare law students for the challenges and opportunities of international data privacy law, with a particular focus on United States Federal / California privacy law and European Union / German data protection law.

Objective of the lectures is to familiarize students with the typical legal problems arising from the conflicting interests in data and privacy in today's global economy and society, in particular in the areas of law enforcement, commerce, media and employment. The significance and practical relevance of domestic, international and foreign national laws is rapidly increasing for individuals, government officials, businesspeople, attorneys, judges, and legislators around the world. We will look at how data processing and laws affect individual privacy in the various areas, including government and private surveillance, press reporting, commercial treatment of financial, health and communications information, and direct marketing.

Topics covered include common law, constitutional and statutory rights and obligations regarding data privacy, data security and legal protection for databases under California, U.S. Federal, European Union, public international and other countries' laws, including, for example, the U.S.-EU Privacy Shield (replacing the previous Safe Harbor Framework), rules on spamming, wiretapping, homeland security, and employee monitoring.

The course materials consist of a collection of cases and reading materials (Determann Privacy Law - Cases & Materials), posted at Students have to work through these cases independently and answer a series of quizzes that I will send via email. Grades are awarded based on the quizzes and one major written assignment (essay style assessment), which students have to complete and submit by December 31, 2022 (always send emails to and

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Lothar Determann