Kevin Sharpe on British Academia

posted Mar 8, 2010, 11:18 AM by Professor Katz   [ updated Nov 5, 2012, 2:18 AM ]
The professor of Renaissance studies at Queen Mary, University of London, was Kevin Sharpe.  One of the most prolific of English historians and historians of England, he was the leader among the so-called 'revisionist' historians who in the early 1970s completely changed the way we look at the English Civil War (and, indeed, any other 'great event' in history).

For a long while he wrote pieces for the Times Higher Education, the insider periodical for English academia.  There's lots of good stuff here:

·  Caliban casts out Ariel

25 February 2010: Our literary culture is threatened by the decline of quality criticism. Kevin Sharpe demands that scholars fight back

·  La Triviata: public discourse is trapped in a downward spiral

7 January 2010: Dumbing down threatens our culture, yet a managerialised academy can do nothing to arrest the decline, warns Kevin Sharpe

·  Quiet, please

5 November 2009: Libraries are being transformed into rowdy social spaces, with disastrous consequences, says Kevin Sharpe

·  A champagne generation

8 October 2009: Student debt is not all down to fees. Kevin Sharpe argues that the desire to live a luxurious lifestyle plays a part, too

·  Teach them how to think

16 July 2009: Kevin Sharpe says pedagogy should be measured not in contact hours but by its success in shaping critical minds

·  A chance for curious minds to shine bright

4 December 2008: Oxford interviewers are in pursuit of potential - not privilege, says Kevin Sharpe, who seized his opportunity to show himself off to advantage

·  A lighter weight of paper?

28 August 2008: The dilution of PhD standards damages the status of every aspect of UK academe, claims Kevin Sharpe

·  Beyond classification

24 July 2008: The fuss over external examining and standards misses the point - degrees really are no longer what they were, says Kevin Sharpe

·  We need a flagship to lead the humanities fleet to fighting fitness

19 June 2008: A UK institute of advanced studies would enrich interdisciplinarity and raise the profile of key scholarly work, writes Kevin Sharpe