Reformation: the Board Game

posted Apr 25, 2010, 5:20 AM by Professor Katz   [ updated Apr 25, 2010, 5:39 AM ]
Yes, it's finally here: Here I Stand: Wars of the Reformation 1517-1555...a board game:

It's almost as if they took our course.  The geeks who made the game note the following:

There are six main powers in the game, each with a unique path to victory :

  • The Ottomans
  • The Habsburgs
  • The English
  • The Valois Dynasty of France
  • The Papacy
  • The Protestants
Here I Stand is the first card-driven game to prominently feature secret deal-making. A true six-sided diplomatic struggle, the game places a heavy emphasis on successful alliance-building through negotiations that occur away from the table during the pre-turn Diplomacy Phase.

Very cool.  I like that: 'the pre-turn Diplomacy Phase'.  And they look like a fun bunch of guys:

You can see a lot more pictures of them playing 'Here I Stand':

And there's even a discussion group, for seriously geeky historians of Christianity.  They recently got into a heated discussion of how to deal with the bigamy of Philip of Hesse:

Fortunately for Philip, as the man points out, the 'ransom card' is still in the deck....