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Product Duel

What are Product Duels?

San Francisco Product Talk event where very gutsy, courageous products and/or companies present their product offerings at the same event as other products within a similar ecosystem, competitive environment, vertical or solution space.

Products in the same space go head to head and toe to toe to prove their benefits, advantages, worthiness of owning the space.

Each company has equal time to demo, present or talk about their product followed by piercing questions of each of them. (there can be more than 2 companies presenting)

Think American Idol where the products are the contestants with product professionals as judges. Participants are passionate about facilitating excellent products and swift realization of product/customer/market fit. We want to applaud great products and fire at bandits.

Its all done in a fun atmosphere of comraderie.  

Anything goes - swag, bribery, incentives, discounts!  Bring it on, if you dare!

San Francisco Product Talks exist for passionate product people, including professional product managers and product marketing managers, to take it to the next level of guaranteeing product integrity, sanity and rational thinking and contribute to products that capture sustainable market share, while honing our product management chops and networking along the way. 

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