For All Product Camps

              • Promote, educate, evangelize the value of attending, presenting, sponsoring Product Camps
              • Identify best practices, suggestions, successes relevant to all Product Camps
              • Provide a promotional vehicle that extends the reach of influence to serve as a perpetual commercial for all product camps that can be embedded on sites and accessed via mobile devices

For Each Product Camp

  • Showcase individuals contributing to specific Product Camps
  • Promote unique attributes, flavors and opportunities specific to different Product camps
  • Encourage community, dialogue, collaboration
  • Provide context for material covered at Product Camp presentations


The intention of Product Camp Radio is to broadcast:

  • the human stories behind the professional product management communities being built, 
  • the potential benefits available for participants and contributors at Product Camps, 
  • the passion, fun and networking that results from and inspires participation at Product Camps,
  • the content, information, education provided at Product Camps,
  • the value of product management and Product Camps.


Similarities between Product Camps and Global Product Management TalkTM:
  • #ProdMgmtTalk is an on-going virtual, un-conference of one session/week.
  • Just like in-person product camps, the weekly #ProdMgmtTalk Twitter Talk is open to presenters who want to address a potentially disparate audience who share product management interests.  
  • Speakers choose the topic and questions they want to present. 
  • The presenter engages in conversation with the attendees by answering & commenting on questions.
  • Attendees are encouraged to voice their opinions, responses and interact with the leader of the discussion.
  • Twitter enables people to "walk in or leave" during the event.
  • Content from the presentation is available after the event.
  • Attendees can network, contribute resources, showcase their expertise.
  • A community grows around the event, enhancing its value with their participation.
Global Product Management TalkTM takes place on Twitter weekly at a specific day and time using the hashtag #prodmgmttalk. Participants are informed of each weekly speaker with a press release and social media announcements. 
Questions for discussion are pre-posted on Facebook.  Background materials providing context for the topic and details about the speaker are placed on the website, http://www.prodmgmttalk.com and distributed across the web.  The speaker and co-hosts conference over Skype to monitor the Twitter stream over Tweetchat, to frame the talk and engage the participants in contributing.

Global Product Management TalkTM Mission:

  • Engage Product people in utilizing social media
  • Showcase Product Management experts, speakers, bloggers & thought leaders
  • Evangelize Product related job titles as exciting, challenging & rewarding career endeavors
  • Raise important issues that all Product Management professionals confront
  • Educate & share resources across industries and borders
  • Facilitate on-going dialogue, networking, mentoring & support beyond weekly events
  • Create global community around product management knowledge
  • Educate and protect the value of the product professional 


    Product Camp Radio grew out of the weekly Global Product Management TalkTM because of the recognized need to capture the valuable "backstage" discussion occurring between the presenter and the co-hosts who are having a simultaneous conference call to discuss the Twitter comments, track the progress during the event, monitor the time, flow & direction of the discussion and frame the beginning, middle and end of the virtual event. The audio discussion is distinct from the Twitter discussion, which is documented in Tweets and captured in a transcript for consuming after the live event. Over the course of the first 6 months of programs, different tools were researched and tested in order to improve the participants' experience, enhance the value of the talk, and enable the speakers to participate with ease. 

    Because of the positive experience of the presenters, after 20 weekly sessions, we tested the feasibility of implementing BlogTalkRadio to capture the Skype discussion occurring between the presenter and the co-hosts. BlogTalkRadio provides a live broadcast of the discussion in alignment with the real time availability of the event on Twitter.


    With iteration, we will continue to improve, enhance, and identify the audio product, i.e.
    • best practices for producing the show, 
    • most effective questions to pose, 
    • optimum time frame for how long each session should last, 
    • ideal production tools and 
    • ultimate orientation procedures for prepping the interviewees.

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