The Global Product Management Talk is a weekly, audio broadcast with a simultaneous Twitter Chat for Product People that don’t get a chance to leave their desk to participate in Product Talks in person with other passionate product professionals and entrepreneurs concerned about the quality of products, as well as the entire process involved in the product life cycle including design, development, user experience, marketing, launch, innovation, support and services. 

You can participate and be mentioned during the weekly event on twitter by following @prodmgmttalk and using the hashtag #prodmgmttalk 

Our weekly Broadcast with Twitter back channel and agressive content marketing guarantees engagement & participation in real time and on-demand at the convenience of the users!  

Participants listen on their mobile devices AND read tweets, twitter transcript and accompanying content for thought provoking insights into the subject matter and exposure to thought leaders, solutions and events mentioned.

Individual episode widgets can be embedded onto your website and blog.  Commercials contained within episodes remain permanently for future listeners.  

As a top 10 business podcast on the BlogTalkRadio network, we receive >12,000 listens per week! Imagine your brand engaged with our audience for over 50 minutes on their personal devices! 

Ask us about options to fit within your budget:
Weekly package
Monthly bundle
Annual exclusive

And our Sponsorship Levels:
Diamond, Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Pewter and Custom

For more information on Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities,

  • your suggestions for speakers & thought leaders to address our global audience at a weekly event
  • your participation in our events in real time, by ReTweeting, mentions, links, posting our banners
  • your promotion and inclusion of our events in your communications
  • collaboration to create new programs to serve your desired target audience and forward your goals
  • in kind donation of tools & solutions to forward production quality and enhance user experience

The Global Product Management Talk is growing weekly with thought leader speakers, participants, quality discussion, and valuable content.

Content is promoted across all social media platforms to reach an audience eager for information about product issues and cross functional product teams including focused product management, product marketing, brand management, project management, software development, innovation, Agile methodology, user experience, customer support, community management, content management, quality assurance, startups, and more.

Our extensive content marketing strategy reaches Facebook followers, LinkedIn group members, and email subscribers, as well as extended outreach via press release distribution, Slideshare uploads of transcripts, Eventbrite, Plancast, Google+ promotion to product professionals seeking product management related information and community. 

Sponsorship opportunities that meet your budget and goals can be customized, and may include initial setup fees.

Currently, sponsorship opportunities may include: 

---->15,30,60 second professionally produced audio commercials with your messaging and URL



1. Pre-Event
Include sponsor in all promotions for scheduled talk, that identifies speaker and subject focus, with a byline, i.e.;

"Brought to you this week by  _________ For more info: (URL)"

Current promotions may include press release, announcements, invitations on Eventbrite, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twibes, and other social media locations where Product Management types congregate. All pre-event promotions are permanently placed in the announcement section and post event archives on the website, and are accessible via search. 

2. During talk: 
Three (3) sponsored pre-written, pre-scheduled 140 character tweets, posted at the start, 1/2 way through, and at the end that include our hashtag, and may include your designated hashtag, i.e.;
"Thank you to our sponsor of today's talk, _____________(landing page URL and mention benefits to Product Managers)"

3. After talk

The three sponsored tweets are included in the posted transcript that is promoted after the event and posted permanently on the site and distributed via Slideshare, ScoopIt, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter. 

Sponsors may purchase visibility in the footer of every page of the transcript with a live link to a landing page. Transcripts may be between 7 and 27 pages and are permanently available on the site and on Slideshare, where past transcripts have trended.


  • Weekly Global Product Management Talk 

1. Banner ad at Blogtalkradio.com/prodmgmttalk
Sponsor may provide Banner for Header Image (Size 665x90 Pixels) on the Station Page

Specific BlogTalkRadio sponsorship levels enable 
  • exclusive visibility without other adds, 
  • toll free call-in number, 
  • transcripts of audio conversation with sponsor branding
  • exclusive ProdMgmtTalk content channel with sponsor branding
2. Pre-Event:
Sponsor messaging included on BlogTalkRadio Episode Page referenced in all promotional vehicles which stays permanently for on-demand listening. 

3. During Event:
Sponsor may provide audio clip that can be played at the beginning of the show and/or at the end. We can record the content and work with you on the script.  Copyright free music is also available.  Studio costs will be included in set-up fee.

4. Post Event: 
Podcast can be embedded on your website, can be listened to on all mobile devices, accessed via iTunes, is indexed by Google and lives forever in event archives.

The Audio will also be available on iTunes where it will include sponsor blurb content and commercial information, which can be added post event.

  • Programs
1. Tools of the Trade
Designed to enable busy product people to stay informed about best in class tools, methods and approaches. We talk with the people behind new offerings, products, services and methodology to understand what problems they're solving, what benefits they're providing, and provide tips to quickly ascend the learning curve to implementing them successfully.

2. StartUp Talk Radio
We talk to the CEOs, Founders and Product People involved with startups, lean agile, customer driven teams about their experiences, fast fails, pivots, and more.

3. Product Camp Radio
Showcasing the human stories behind the professional product management communities being built, the potential benefits available for participants and contributors at Product Camps, the passion, fun and networking that results from and inspires participation at Product Camps, the content, information, education provided at Product Camps, the value of product management, the product professional and Product Camps.

4. Pre/Post Talk 
Interview with showcased speaker prior to or following #prodmgmttalk Twitter Event to provide context, background and more in-depth information about the topic subject matter.

5. Mobile Apps
Currently syndicated on iTunes, BlogTalkRadio, Stitcher, Zune, and available via all podcast applications. Talk to us about distributing your branded content via our mobile app, or ask us about developing your own branded mobile app.   

Also available as stand alone Android App


Blog & Newsletter
Sponsor can provide sponsored content (i.e. blog posting) about their product/event which will be designated as "Sponsor provided content" provided it is relevant and valuable information for product managers.  This will live permanently on the site in the blog archives. Promotion via tweets, social media and links from other sites to be detailed in agreement.

Email Blast Sponsored Content
Sponsor will be mentioned in opt-in email sent to subscribers. Sponsor may promote ProdMgmtTalk in co-marketing promotion opportunities.


Pack of Links

All of the information for the weekly discussion, including speaker details and background information, blog postings, summary and full transcript, as well as audio content may be bundled into a multi-format ebook enabling it to be readable on any e-reading device, including the Amazon Kindle, the Apple iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad, the Sony Reader, the Barnes & Noble nook, your personal computer, Android devices, and others. 

eBooks are formatted for distribution to the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony Reader Store, Kobo and the Diesel eBook StoreIn addition, they are distributed to the largest app marketplaces (Apple, Android, Windows Phone 7, WebOS) as single-book apps, and also distributed into the native catalogs of top mobile e-reading apps such as Stanza on the iPhone and iPad (used by 4 million+ people) and Aldiko (over 2 million users) and Word-Player on Android devices.

Sponsors may purchase prominent display ads inside the downloadable eBook.  Ask us about white labeling eBook content for your event or giveaway program.


Traditional banner ads and Site advertising:
Availability, location and prominence TBD.


  • Monthly in-person Events
San Francisco Product Talk Events 
Sponsors can provide location venue, refreshments, swag, and product demos for monthly in person San Francisco product event

  • Product Events
Co-marketing opportunities with Global Product Management Talk for showcased presence 
  • Trade Events
Startup Product Summit, San Francisco, February 7, 2013


Webinars, digital conferences, Twitter Chats


Ask us about reaching a technical audience of product professionals, startup and innovation seekers, producing Twitter Talks, implementing effective social media and developing digital events for your corporate entity!