Megatops ProCoder Font

A font designed for programmers by a programmer    [Chinese Version]


The Megatops ProCoder is a raster monospaced font designed for programmers who will face to screen and coding for up to 4 hours each day. It provides clean & sharp view with bold style support, suit for almost all editor color schemes.

I started making this font since July, 2007. After a long time tweaking and testing, the first public version was released in Jan, 2008. The original purpose to design this font is to create a monospaced font which width is exactly 50% of height. So it can display with raster Chinese fonts (only in 12x12, 14x14 and 16x16) well. But after I finished it, I found it looks not bad and some western developers might like it. So I added the European characters and made this web page in English. But if you want to know the full story about this font, you should read the Chinese version ;)

Because I'm a C/C++ developer, so this font is especially optimized for C-like programming languages. It has ultra black ",.:;" to help you find the end of statements easily. And it is a REAL programmer font, means even you are using an old fashioned text editor without syntax highlighting, you would never made mistakes on identifying "0oO" or "Il1".

Another funny feature is the "invisible character" display support. If there were some invisible characters in your text, with regular fonts you will see something like this (using the Fixedsys font):

But with the Megatops ProCoder Font, you will get a more readable display:


The Megatops ProCoder font is FREE, you can use it as your coding font at home or in company. But it is ONLY limited to display purpose, means you are not allowed to use it for printing (for personal use is OK) or publishing. And bundling this font in other products (such as bundle in software install packages or use in embedded devices for LCD display) is DISALLOWED.


Windows FON format

This edition is only for western languages. Go to the Chinese version of this page to get the specialized edition for CJK users.


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