Processing job,strictly online & won't interrupt your normal schedule.


I have hired 4 people which normally make $250 weekly, currently I only need two more people for this job. This job is strictly online & won't interrupt your normal schedule.


Hey this is Kevin we do graphic-design, web-design,software, & remote pc repair services on craigslist & basically we need somebody to help us in processing sales through paypal. (*You will not be using your own account to process sales from customers, we use our paypal account & send you the payments directly to your paypal account under marketing services.) Reason we're offering this job is we have a paypal withdrawal limit on our paypal account which limits how much money we can send monthly to our bank account which cannot be lifted at this time.



Any payment we send to your paypal account you will leave 10% of that payment in your paypal balance as your profit for doing the processing of that payments, You will send the difference of 90% to us via chase . (Example If we send $150 to your paypal account balance you would leave $15 dollars & send the difference of $135.00 to our chase account.).

If you don't have a chase you can create one online free. (Requires only a $25 deposit to start a account online).

I recommend you deposit at least $300-$400 in your chase checking account so we can send daily payments to you, as you make profit you will no longer need to deposit any funds in your account.

The profit you make from us will remain in your PayPal balance what you do with is your business only, you have the option to withdraw it to your bank account, spend it online or use your paypal debit card to withdraw it from any atm instantly in cash.)

You will pay us  by using the free chase "quick-pay" feature which pays our checking account immediately, all you need is our email address to pay us via chase quick pay.

Chase-quick pay is a free feature to all chase members with a checking account with chase. (Can be sent online or through your smart-phone)

You can enroll in chase-quick pay here:  (Requires you have a existing chase checking account.*)