Shocking Truth About Procera AVH Side Effects!!!

I know you came here while searching for the term "Procera Avh side effects." You should feel lucky that you came to this page because you will be shocked to discover that Procera AVH is a scam and does not work as claimed in the sales page and several review sites.

All those review site you will see while googling the term "Procera Avh reviews" and bla bla are all fake review sites and the primary purpose of those site is to make more money by making more sales.

I will not talk much here and will go straight to the point why Procera AVH does not work, and will mention some of its side effects.

**Really It Does Not Work?**

Yes, it's true. It doesn't work. Based on several Procera Avh complaints published on amazon and other top online retail company, many consumers mentioned that they haven't seen any noticeable benefit or improvement in their memory. Also some consumers complained that Procera AVH seller deducted huge amount from their bank account.

**The Procera Avh Ingredients**

The official website of Procera Avh mentions the product has three ingredients. One of which is Vinpocetine and they claimed the ingredient to be clinically tested and effective.

While researching PubMed (database of references and abstracts on life sciences and biomedical topics), I found a research paper titled "Vinpocetine for cognitive impairment and dementia" which CLEARLY STATES that "Although the basic science is interesting, the evidence for beneficial effect of vinpocetine on patients with dementia is inconclusive and does not support clinical use"

**Procera AVH Side Effects**

There's nothing mentioned about possible side effects or drug interaction of Procera AVH in the office website; and any consumer browsing the site may think that the product is free from side effects!

While going through review posted in Amazon, several consumers reported rise in blood pressure after taking the Procera supplements. One consumer reported severe arthritic reaction all over her body and she was unable to move. After she stopped taking the supplement, everything got back to normal again.


I would recommend NOT TO BUY Procera Avh.

If you are looking for a supplement that can improve memory, then I would suggest you to buy Excelerol which improves memory, focus, and concentration with no side effects.

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