PCB Design Etching Service FR4 Single or Double layer



CONTACT ME @:     nikolicaprikolica69@hotmail.com

·        Rapid and professional service of PCB creation (within 3 day`s from your order to shipping)

·        Board`s are made from allmost any file you have .gif, .jpeg, .bmp, .pdf, gerber files, CAD files (Eagle, ExpressPCB, Protel, Visio, Altium, PCBWiz...)

·         Competitive prices! (Euro size board $9,90 USD)

·        PCBs are done on quality FR4 boards

·        Single or double sided

·        Photo-transfer method

·        Excellent for Do-It-Your-Self-ers and small hobby projects

·        If you need a clad only??? Contact me about the cutting specs.

·         Also offering a Schematics to PCB Service

·         NO SHIPPING CHARGE (Shipping is included in price)



If you are a hobbyist and need someone to create your PCB at reasonable price than you are certainly on the right place. Here is a sample how the finished PCB looks like (top and bottom layer). This service is suitable for almost any DIY or hobby project that you might be working on.





Single-sided PCB:

$19.99USD + $0.40/sq inch (SHIPPING INCLUDED IN PRICE!!!)

(Example: 5 boards (2" x 4") => $19.99 + $0.40 x 8sq" x 5pcs = $35.49 USD)


Double-sided PCB:

$29.99 + $0.50/sq inch (SHIPPING INCLUDED IN PRICE!!!)

(Example: 5 board (2" x 2") => $29.99 + $0.50 x 4sq" x 5pcs = $39.99 USD)


If you are confused by rates calculation, just send me your pcb file on nikolicaprikolica69@hotmail.com and I will contact you with exact cost.

Guitar Effects Schematics

E-H Doctor Q


Dr. Quack - "fixed" version of the Doctor Q

E-H Badstone Phase Shifter


E-H Screaming Bird Treble Booster


E-H Hot Tubes Distortion


E-H LPB-1 Signal Booster


E-H Mole Bass Booster


E-H E-H Wah-Wah


E-H Y-Triggered Filter


E-H Zipper Envelope Controlled Filter


E-H Queen Trigger Wah


Differential Fuzz from Popular Electronics


DOD Compressor-Limiter 525


DOD Wah Filter 545


DOD Chorus 565


DOD Flanger 575


DOD Analog Delay 585


DOD Phaser 595


DOD R825 Compressor


DOD 908 Digital Delay


MXR Dynacomp Compressor


Fuzzface Distortion


Fuzzface PCB & Parts Placement


Arbiter Fuzz-Wah Face


Heathkit Fuzz


Maestro FZ-1 and FZ-1a Fuzz


MXR Distortion+


Peavey Tube-Sound Distortion


Proco Rat


Some common pin configurations


Rex's Fuzz


Sixties-style Fuzz


Ibanez Sonic Distortion


Ibanez Tube Screamer


Tube Driver


Anderton Frequency Booster


Anderton Wah-Antiwah


Anderton Tube Sound Fuzz


Wah-wah Patent from 1967 4ms Phaseur Fleur

Ampeg Scrambler

Backbeat Electric Blue Blender

Behringer DC9 Dynamics Compressor

Behringer PH9 Phaser

Behringer SM200 Slow Motion

Boomstick Audio Bottom Feeder

Boss DS-1 Distortion

Boss FA-1 FET Amplifier

Boss SG-1 Slow Gear

Build Your Own Clone Armstrong Twin

ColorTone Fx Chorus

ColorTone Fx Phase

Cosmosound E-6 Powerful Sound

Cosmosound E-7 Fearfully-Sound

Craig Anderton's Bi-Filter Follower

Dan Armstrong Green Ringer

Dan Armstrong Green Ringer pedal

Digisound module 80-16 Dual Resonant Filter

Digisound module 80-6 VCF Voltage Controlled Filter

Digisound module 80-7 VC State Variable Filter

DOD 250 Overdrive Preamp

DOD 280 Compressor

DOD 440 Envelope Filter

Electro-Harmonix Bad Stone Phase Shifter

Electro-Harmonix Big Muff Pi

Electro-Harmonix Doctor Q Envelope Follower

Electro-Harmonix Electric Mistress Deluxe

Electro-Harmonix Pulsar

Electro-Harmonix Small Clone

Electro-Harmonix Small Stone Phase Shifter

Electro-Harmonix XO Stereo Pulsar

Emmons Fuzz Machine

ETI Project 455 Waa Waa Unit

Fender Blender

fOXX Tone Machine

GEO Neutron Filter

Gretsch Play Boy HF Modulator

Home-Wrecker's Nurse Quacky

Hot Wire Audio FA-1 FET Ampclone

Ibanez FL-301 Flanger

Ibanez SD9 Sonic Distortion

Ibanez TS-808 Tube Screamer Overdrive Pro

Ishibashi Triangle Env

Jack Orman's Dr. Quack

Ken Stone CGS30 Band Pass Filter

Ken Stone CGS35 Synthacon VCF

Ken Stone CGS45 Dome Filter

Ken Stone CGSRR Real Ring Modulator

Lovetone Meatball

Mad Guitars Seafoam Ringer

Maestro FSH-1 Filter Sample/Hold

Maestro RM-1A Ring Modulator

Marc Bareille's Polivoks VCF module

Marshall Bluesbreaker

Marshall Guv'nor

Maxon FL-302 Flanger

Mica-Tone Super Fuzz

Mike Matthews' Red Army Over Drive

Mojo Hand Analogue Filter 442

Musitronics Mu-Tron Bi-Phase

Musitronics Mu-Tron III

Musitronics Mu-Tron Micro V

MXR EVH-90 Phase 90

MXR M-101 Phase 90

MXR M-101 Phase 90

MXR M-102 Dyna Comp

MXR M-102 Dyna Comp

MXR M-103 Blue Box

MXR M-103 Blue Box

MXR M-104 Distortion+

MXR M-104 Distortion+

MXR M-105 Phase 45

MXR M-106 Noise Gate / Line Driver

MXR M-107 Phase 100

MXR M-107 Phase 100

MXR M-115 Distortion III

MXR M-120 Envelope Filter

MXR M-133 Micro Amp

MXR M-133 Micro Amp

MXR M-202 Dyna Comp

Oakley Sound Systems Filter Box

PAiA 5760 Roctave Divider

Practical Electronics Waa Waa Unit

Prescription Electronics Experience

Profi-Sound Overdrive Preamp

Real Sound Blues Breaker

Robert Penfold's Auto-Waa

Roland AG-5 Funny Cat

RonSound Pulse-O-Matic

Ross R-99 Phaser

Scott Swartz' Octave Screamer

Stellan Lehrberg's Differential Octave Distortion

Stellan Lehrberg's Octave-Face

Stereoscope SSGB-1 Gender Blender

Steve Giles' Auto Wah

Teisco TF-1 Fuzz

Tone Factor 442 Analogue Filter

Tone Factor 442 Red Analogue Filter

Tycobrahe Octavia Tym This Machine Kills Fascists

Univox U-1095 Super-Fuzz

Vox 1901 Distortion

Vox 1903 Compressor

Wabash Distortion Sustainer pages compiled from the following links:


Jack Orman's AMZ page- Great Guitar Effect Projects. A must read. Check out his BBS.

R.G. Keen's GEO page - Excellent informational site. Read the technology articles and the FAQs!

JD's DIY Projects for Guitar Players - JD has a nice site and it's for beginners!

Plate to Plate - Cool! Tube Screamer and Fuzz Face mods among other schematics.

Justin Philpott's page - A great page, for beginners too.

Guitar Related Circuits page - Tons of Schematics. Many are in Postscript (.pdf)format and you need a Postscript viewer to view these files.

AMPAGE - cool technical BBS. THANK YOU for hosting my forum!

CJLectronics - A cool site of this musician and technician in one! A nice combination I must say so!

Swap Site for Guitar PCBs- Make your own PCBs, Check it out!

Leper's Schematics - The first site? Many are in Postscript (.pdf)format and you need a Postscript viewer to view these files.

Robin Tomtlund's Site - Cool Schematics here.

Stellan's Schematics - And here as well.

GM Arts - Interesting articles on Amps and Distortion etc..

Blue Guitar Page - Steve A's site is incredible. Amp schematics, guitar mods and more....

Paia Electronics - You can order complete kits here.

Tone Frenzy - Listen to some old and new effects.

The EH Man website! - Cool Electro Harmonix stuff

Midwest Analog Products More cool projects.

Tone Control Simulator - Cool Windows program to simulate a few tone circuits. For you Macintosh guys, use Virtual PC to run this.

Frank Clarke's Zone of Distortion - Very nice web page with good mods and a very nice Hot Harmonics pedal.

JAS Guitar F/X - Nice site with cools layouts. Good links on his page as well.

LXH2 is back. Check out the amp and speaker simulators.

Small Bear Electronics LLC - Nice site with nice projects!

OZRock Online Guitar Center - Some nice articles here with good information.

Barfing Tomato's Site - check out his Making my own distortion boxes page.

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Guitar Tube Amps - wow. Lots of schematics and tons of stuff.

Taos Amp - Interesting circuits in here. Very cool!

Pauley's Effects Palace - Pauley has tips on existing circuits and his Opamp Screamer. He also has sound clips.

Elliot Sound Products - Circuits and more.

Clone Wars - nice up and coming page with schematics and layouts!

Guitarage - another nice site with some cool projects! Lots of info!

Japanese site with lots of effects. (Don't know the name)

Hemo's Site - cool!

Iggy's Groovy Guitar FX Webpage - some nice schematics here.

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The Great PCB - a very nice site with complete guitar projects.



Other Links


tedm.com - Thanks for previously hosting this site!

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Nuts and Volts Magazine

FET transistor guide - NTE Electronics

NTE Inc's search page - Find NTE replacement parts. Also useful for looking at pinouts.

Guitar Amplifier Tone - Entire site devoted to Guitar Tone.

BassmanMike's page - He describes his pedals.

Custom Mod/Amps/Effects - Japanese site with pictures of home brew and custom mods.

4QD Site - Interesting circuits there. Back again.

Online Manual Archive. Interesting.

Patent search page - Check out Patents here.

Pinouts for various common devices.

Circuits Online IC Database

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Gallery of Echo Machines

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Cool Svetlana Site

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Mu Article

Tube CAD SRPP Decoded

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Basic Guitar Setup Tips - Nice site here.

Guitar Shielding and wiring Menu

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Guitar Setup Overview

All about instruments

Misc Articles


Powder coating Article - DIY kit that does powder coating.

Page on how to get that early Van Halen sound. (Guitar Amp Tone,Guitar Effects Placement, and Quiet Cranked Tube Amp Tone)

The Archives - Interesting data sheets, articles etc..

Volume cranked up in amp debate - Solid state emulation of cranked amp AceTone_FM-1.gif        27-Jun-2007 13:20   68K 

 Acoustic_360_Fuzz_c-..> 26-Jun-2007 19:11   20K 

 Analogguru_CoolPigeo..> 09-Dec-2007 23:54   73K 

 Analogguru_DoubleSwi..> 17-Dec-2008 10:50   72K 

 Analogguru_FET-Boost..> 26-Jun-2007 19:11   40K 

 Analogguru_QuadSwitc..> 17-Dec-2008 10:50   78K 

 Analogguru_SDD-pream..> 27-Jul-2008 22:22   63K 

 Analogguru_SymmVoltM..> 03-Jul-2007 00:41   56K 

 Analogguru_TubeNihil..> 26-Jul-2007 21:51   65K 

 Analogguru_ZeckenWeh..> 26-Jun-2007 19:11   85K 

 Anubics_TremoloOne.gif  26-Jun-2007 19:11   94K 

 Applied_Fuzz.gif        26-Jun-2007 19:11   64K 

 Ayan_SmoothSlim.gif     08-Dec-2008 13:17   44K 

 Barcus_3000A.gif        26-Jun-2007 19:11   61K 

 Benson_300H_Fuzz_c-f..> 26-Jun-2007 19:11   73K 

 Bespeco_Cruncher.gif    26-Jun-2007 19:11   62K 

 Bespeco_Weeper.gif      26-Jun-2007 19:11   64K 

 Carlsbro_Suzz.gif       26-Jun-2007 19:11   61K 

 Celtic_Filter-DI.gif    26-Jun-2007 19:11   78K 

 Chandler_TubeDriver.gif 26-Jun-2007 19:11   92K 

 Colorsound_Phazex.gif   26-Jun-2007 19:11   87K 

 Colorsound_ToneBende..> 26-Jun-2007 19:11   66K 

 Colorsound_WahSwell-..> 26-Jun-2007 19:11   62K 

 Colorsound_WahWah-RI..> 26-Jun-2007 19:11   65K 

 Crowther_Hotcake-197..> 07-Jul-2007 23:42   67K 

 Crowther_Hotcake-200..> 07-Jul-2007 23:42   79K 

 DBA_FuzzWar.gif         22-Jun-2008 22:10   66K 

 Dam_Meathead.gif        26-Jun-2008 01:23   56K 

 DeArmond_SquareWave.gif 26-Jun-2007 19:11   66K 

 Dod_440_red.gif         26-Jun-2007 19:11   79K 

 Dod_555.gif             26-Jun-2007 19:11   97K 

 Dod_FX54-Dist.gif       11-Dec-2007 20:12   64K 

 Dunlop_JH-2.gif         26-Jun-2007 19:11   63K 

 Dunlop_JH-F1.gif        07-Feb-2009 22:37   71K 

 Dunlop_QZ-1.gif         26-Jun-2007 19:11   81K 

 EH_BigMuffPi_OP-77.gif  26-Jun-2007 19:11   86K 

 EH_BigMuffPi_OP-78.gif  26-Jun-2007 19:11   87K 

 EH_BigMuff_OpAmp.gif    26-Jun-2007 19:11   82K 

 EH_BigMuff_OpAmp_lpf..> 26-Jun-2007 19:11   11K 

 EH_MuffFuzz-OP.gif      27-Jan-2008 20:25   59K 

 Foxx_CleanMachine.gif   26-Jun-2007 19:11   63K 

 Fuzzy.gif               24-Apr-2008 20:01   64K 

 Gem_Mars.gif            26-Jun-2007 19:11  105K 

 Goya_BoomBox.gif        26-Jun-2007 19:10   46K 

 Guild_BrianMayBox.gif   29-Aug-2007 12:01   61K 

 Guild_FoxeyLady-grey..> 26-Jun-2007 19:11   47K 

 H&K_RedBox-MkI.gif      26-Jun-2007 19:10   79K 

 H&K_RedBox-MkII.gif     26-Jun-2007 19:10   73K 

 HBE_DosMos.gif          03-Jul-2007 02:11   57K 

 HauntingMids_Fuzz.gif   05-Jan-2008 19:00   76K 

 Heathkit_TA-28.gif      26-Jun-2007 19:10   63K 

 Holden_Reverb.gif       26-Jun-2007 19:10   81K 

 Ibanez_OD-850_Overdr..> 26-Jun-2007 19:10   84K 

 Ibanez_ST-810.gif       26-Jun-2007 19:10   98K 

 Ibanez_StandardFuzz.gif 26-Jun-2007 19:10   82K 

 Ibanez_TS-808_cf.gif    07-Nov-2007 10:24  127K 

 Jen_HF-Modulator.gif    26-Jun-2007 19:10   77K 

 Jen_MrCrybaby.gif       26-Jun-2007 19:10   65K 

 Jordan_Bossboost.gif    26-Jun-2007 19:10   50K 

 Jordan_Bosstone.gif     26-Jun-2007 19:10   59K 

 Kadent_Treblefuzz_v1..> 26-Jun-2007 19:10   67K 

 Kampo_901.gif           07-Nov-2007 11:16  121K 

 Kay_F-1_FuzzTone.gif    26-Jun-2007 19:10   63K 

 Kay_T-1_Tremolo.gif     26-Jun-2007 19:10   69K 

 Korg_CMP-1.gif          26-Jun-2007 19:10   94K 

 Korg_CX-3_KLM-246.gif   07-Nov-2007 11:47   86K 

 Korg_SDD-3000-pre.gif   27-Jul-2008 22:22   57K 

 Lovepedal_PP800.gif     05-Oct-2008 14:29   53K 

 Lovetone_BrownSource..> 26-Jun-2007 19:10   75K 

 Maestro_FRB-1.gif       30-Aug-2007 09:51   99K 

 Maestro_FZ-1B-v1.gif    22-Jun-2008 23:26   60K 

 Maestro_MPS-2.gif       26-Jun-2007 19:10  127K 

 Maxon_OD-880_OverDri..> 26-Jun-2007 19:10   70K 

 Memphis_Distortion.gif  26-Jun-2007 19:10   54K 

 Mxr_Distortion+.gif     26-Jun-2007 19:10   64K 

 Mxr_Distortion-III.gif  02-Jul-2007 01:06   81K 

 Mxr_ZakkWylde.gif       02-Jul-2007 01:06   79K 

 Orpheum_Fuzz-Ge.gif     26-Jun-2007 19:10   48K 

 Ovation_Preamp.gif      26-Jun-2007 19:10   52K 

 Prescription_COB.gif    19-Apr-2008 13:05   78K 

 Proco_Juggernaut.gif    10-Dec-2008 15:29  108K 

 Proco_Solo.gif          26-Jun-2008 02:22   75K 

 Proco_TheRat-1986.gif   26-Jun-2007 19:10   68K 

 RogerMayer_ClassicFu..> 26-Jun-2007 19:10   54K 

 RogerMayer_Mongoose.gif 26-Jun-2007 19:10   65K 

 RogerMayer_Octavia.gif  26-Jun-2007 19:10   74K 

 RogerMayer_Page-1.gif   26-Jun-2007 19:10   94K 

 RogerMayer_RM58-Driv..> 09-Sep-2008 23:30   59K 

 RogerMayer_Spitfire.gif 26-Jun-2007 19:10   63K 

 RogerMayer_StoneFuzz..> 26-Jun-2007 19:10   55K 

 RogerMayer_Voodoo-1.gif 09-Sep-2008 15:13   80K 

 Roland_Juno6_Ext-In.gif 26-Jun-2007 19:10   18K 

 Schaller_Fuzz-72.gif    26-Jun-2007 19:10   55K 

 Sekova_FA-II.gif        09-Nov-2008 19:26   73K 

 SeymourDuncan_Pickup..> 04-Sep-2008 07:17   64K 

 SeymourDuncan_TweakF..> 26-Jun-2007 19:10   90K 

 Shin-ei_FY-2.gif        26-Jun-2007 19:10   61K 

 Sunn_Buzz.gif           26-Jun-2007 19:10   57K 

 T-Pedals_T-Fuzz.gif     15-Jul-2007 02:38   76K 

 Tonebone_Dragster.gif   02-Nov-2008 21:00  3.2K 

 TopGear_Fuzz.gif        09-Sep-2008 22:14   54K 

 Tycobrahe_Octavia.gif   10-Jul-2007 21:39   68K 

 Univox_MicroFazer.gif   26-Jun-2007 19:10   83K 

 Univox_SquareWave.gif   26-Jun-2007 19:10   63K 

 Univox_UW-2.gif         10-Mar-2009 23:55   63K 

 Vox_1901.gif            26-Jun-2007 19:10   62K 

 Vox_OctaVoice-I.gif     26-Jun-2007 19:10   91K 

 Vox_RepeatPercussion..> 20-Jun-2008 15:55   73K 

 Vox_RepeatPercussion..> 20-Jun-2008 15:55   18K 

 Vox_TrebleBassBoost.gif 20-Jun-2008 15:55   58K 

 Vox_V8162_Distortion..> 26-Jun-2007 19:09   51K 

 Zvex_SHO.gif            26-Jun-2007 19:09   49K 

 Zvex_WM.gif             26-Jun-2007 19:09   64K