Welcome to Probability and Statistics at Olin College.  Here is the class mailing list.

If you are taking the class or considering it, you should check out Probably Overthinking It, where I write about various topics related to statistics.

Instructor: Allen B. Downey.

Meetings: Tuesday and Friday, 9-10:40am in AC318.


Think Stats: Probability and Statistics for Programmers, by Allen B. Downey.  You can buy a copy from the bookseller of your choice or use the electronic copy here.


In Fall 2012, this class is offered with Experimental Grading.  Students will work at their own pace through the book, homework exercises, lecture notes and other material.  I will be available during class time to help with exercises and project work.  I will provide verbal and written feedback on the project proposal, draft report and final report.

The project page describes the project and deliverables.