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Village Ethics Board

Bernard LoBracco (Member)
Term expires: 6/30/2018
Term expires: 6/30/2017
Mark Ketchum
Term expires: 6/30/2015
Edward Lehman
Term expires: 6/30/2016
Brian Winant, Village Employee
Term expires: 6/30/2016

Village Attorney - Ex officio-non voting
      Village of Brockport Ethics Board

What is the Ethics Board?
This volunteer board is appointed by the Village Board and authorized by Village and New York State Law.

The Board has the authority to render advisory opinions upon receipt of a written and signed request from a Town Official, employee or resident regarding questions or alleged violations of the Village Code. 
The Board may also consider any complaint or allegation of conflict of interest on the part of any officer or employee of the Village of Brockport. All such complaints or allegations are kept in the confidential records of the Board.