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Local Elections

  • Pro-Village Candidates Answer to Brockport Voters: Part 1 of 4

    Questions and Answers below

    Village of Brockport Elections

    Tuesday, June 20, 2017 from 12 noon - 9 pm

    Brockport Village Hall, 49 State Street, Brockport

    Vote Pro-Village:      1 Mayor     2 Trustees

    1. What will be your top priority starting day 1? 

     Revitalize Brockport

    Margay Blackman, Mayoral Incumbent

    Completing the initiatives that we’ve begun: 

    ŸPublic and party nuisance laws

    ŸThe municipal solar farm

    ŸLED municipal lighting

    ŸStreetlight buyback from National Grid

    ŸLocal waterfront revitalization planning grant leading us to a Comprehensive village plan

    ŸContinued lobbying for state AID to SUNY municipalities

    ŸClean Energy Community status. 

    Kathy Kristansen, Trustee Incumbent
       My top priority as a member of the current Village Board is to continue to work on the projects that we have started in the 2013-2017 term...Comprehensive plan, Code review and revisions, Waterfront revitalization strategy planning grant with the Town of Sweden and College at Brockport, Points and Penalties Law, Community Choice Aggregation along with the Clean Energy Community initiatives regarding solar energy and alternative energy. I will also continue to support and actively participate as a Village Trustee liaison with the Brockport Merchants Association, Greater Brockport Chamber of Commerce, Seymour Library Board, BISCO and the Brockport Arts Festival, Village of Brockport Planning Board, Zoning Board, Code Review Committee, Code Enforcement Office, Walk!Bike!Brockport!, and Brockport Police Department. This support will include effective discussion with these working groups and communicate matters to the Village Board- all on behalf of the Village residents.

    Annie Crane, Trustee Incumbent
       My top priority is to continue working to improve our neighborhoods. The Public Nuisance and Nuisance Party laws, which we plan to have in place before the start of the academic year, will help to promote good relations among neighboring families, students and landlords. We are starting work on a new Comprehensive Plan, which will direct our efforts to strengthen our neighborhoods, as well as our businesses. I plan to involve the Housing Task Force in the development of the new Comprehensive Plan, and am working with the Code Review Committee to update every chapter of our Village Code, also in preparation for the Comprehensive Plan.

     Blue Collar Brockport

    Carol Hannan, 
    Mayoral Candidate

    I will immediately outline yearly and long-term goals, to expedite:

    1. completion of a revised comprehensive plan. 

    2. tax savings.

    3. code revisions;  improving “quality of life” issues and code enforcement.

    4. housing improvements: zombie houses, blighted houses and neighborhoods, help for senior homeowners, etc.

    5. public concerns affecting a majority of residents

    Kris Bonczyk,
     Trustee Candidate

       Begin the process of making the Village of Brockport a more financially sound place to live and place a greater  focus on necessary improvements instead of projects that will only benefit a very small portion of Village residents.

    Kevin McCarthy,
     Trustee Candidate

    Address what I feel is a non-sustainable budget.

    2. Are you for or against dissolving the village and why?

     Revitalize Brockport

    Margay Blackman, Mayoral Incumbent

       The village board worked assiduously last year to defeat dissolution—again. Were the Village of Brockport to dissolve, our police force would go, our town taxes would increase, and we would be saddled with special taxing districts to cover street lighting, sidewalks, water, etc.  

    There’s much to lose, little to gain.

    Kathy Kristansen, Trustee Incumbent
       I am against dissolution...dissolution will not solve the problem of high taxes and will diminish the services that our village needs in order to provide good quality of life to our residents.

    Annie Crane, Trustee Incumbent
       I am strongly against dissolving the Village, and have worked hard to fight both dissolution attempts. Dissolution would result in cuts to services necessary to a college community, with at best a small decrease in taxes. The Village of Brockport is very different from the Town of Sweden outside the Village, with different needs, especially in Policing and Code Enforcement. 
       We are improving the relationship between the Village and Town Boards, so that we can work together in the areas where our needs overlap.
    Blue Collar Brockport

    Carol Hannan, Mayoral Candidate

    -- Community policing will end. Sheriffs can’t and won’t keep us as protected as the Brockport Police. That’s the truth.

    -- Do people want to live in dangerous places? No.

    -- Effective, independent code enforcement will end.

    -- Property owners will lose equity.

    -- Residents will be measurably worse off, so I’m against dissolution.

    Kris Bonczyk, Trustee Candidate

       This is a topic that has caused a great divide in our Village.  I am for what is best for the residents of this Village: this includes the existence of the police department, reducing spending (which helps to lower the tax rate) and greater enforcement of Village property codes. I will not promise that in the next 3 years that there will not be another dissolution vote but my focus if elected is to do all I can to avoid another vote.

    Kevin McCarthy, Trustee Candidate
       Against. The main reason is to have our local police force keep our streets safe by their familiarity within our village. Another big reason is the village population density is much different from the town, with a college population that doubles its size.

    3. Some people appreciate the value of our local police dept. Some don't. Where do you stand and why?

     Revitalize Brockport

    Margay Blackman, Mayoral Incumbent

       The community knowledge and response time of the Brockport police are unparalleled.  No densely populated area is crime free; drugs and crime are factors in Brockport. All police departments are expensive, but I believe the Brockport Police Department is essential to keeping us and our businesses safe and secure.

    Kathy Kristansen, Trustee Incumbent

       A police department in a college community is a necessity not a luxury. The idea of proactive, reliable and prompt community policing lends itself to a safer and more pleasant quality of life.

    Annie Crane, Trustee Incumbent
       Strong community policing is essential for quality of life in the Village. Because of our high population density and large number of students, who are a vibrant but young and transient segment of our community, our needs for policing are distinct from that of the surrounding rural areas. Alcohol and drug crimes, in particular, require police who know the village well. 
    Blue Collar Brockport

    Carol Hannan, Mayoral Candidate
    -- I’ve publically supported the BPD for over 12 years.

    -- Since learning about what they do firsthand, I appreciate them more.

    -- I fought for full staffing to reduce overtime and will negotiate contract revisions, but…….

    -- I totally support the Brockport Police Department and officers who serve us with courage and compassion.  

    Kris Bonczyk, Trustee Candidate

       I believe that the Village police department is a great asset to the Village.  Many of the officers grew up in the Village and are proud to serve the Brockport Community.  I also believe that there are areas of spending that can be evaluated and some savings can be found.  This should not be interpreted as an attack on the cost of the police department but more of an acknowledgement of some Village resident’s concerns.

    Kevin McCarthy, Trustee Candidate

       I value the police department as I stated above. Brockport is the largest village in Monroe County and has a SUNY campus within it. There is only one village in NY State that does not have a local police department to offset the concerns that come with having a SUNY college within it. It is also a known fact that response time by a local police force is much better than response time by a county force.

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