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Brockport Residents Respond to 
Mark Fenton's message on October 5th "Community Development by Design"
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“Riding on the sidewalks is very dangerous.  Just come to 25 Main St. And see how fast people ride on the sidewalks.  Stepping out on the sidewalk where it is supposed to be safe to do so sometimes it is a near miss for the young and old.  People who ride on the sidewalks should get a ticket.  A serious accident waiting to happen and exposes the village to liability.” 

Jo Matela                                          posted 10/10/12

“Great presentation from Mark Fenton. Thanks to Pam for her input and enthusiasm. I agree with most of Pam's comments. I do work with Parks and Trails NYS and NYS DOT with respect to cycling, and as you know I make my living taking bicycle tourists to various parts of NYS, Europe and Canada, including Brockport and the Erie Canal. It is simply unlawful and dangerous to ride your bicycle on any sidewalk. This is partly the reason why cyclist's get a bad rap...not following the rules of the road, whether it be using hand signals, heeding traffic laws, or riding predictably. "Feeling" unsafe riding your bicycle on streets around Brockport is by no means justification for putting pedestrians at risk. Riding on the sidewalk is a lawsuit waiting to happen and such practice should not be supported by WBB. This is just my 2 cents as a tour operator.

Educating cyclists/residents, enforcing code, adding more bike lanes, coupled with more signage, are key to making Brockport more bike friendly. I would be glad to share or assist in any way that I can.”

Benton Hart   

posted 10/10/12

“I agree with the ideas expressed in Pam's email, but want to stress why it is important to have sidewalks and bike lanes in tandem.  Technically it is not legal  to ride bicycles on the sidewalk though no one is ever arrested for doing so, and obviously no one wants a small child learning to ride a bike in a busy street.  Understandably cyclists need to ride the road because they can be endangering to pedestrians.  We need safe bike lanes, education for cyclists about biking in traffic, and education for drivers on sharing the road with cyclists.  Perhaps some of Walk!Bike!Brockport!'s efforts could be directed towards such an educational policy as well, working in partnership with schools/police department/college, sponsoring workshops on safe cycling and sharing the road.”

Margay Blackman                                        posted 10/10/12

“If I could pick only one place, it would be from Golden Heights to Wegmans.”

 David Newman                                             posted 10/10/12

“I also am in agreement that bicycles do not belong on sidewalks. I believe that the very right part of the lane that is marked off especially on Route 19 and 31 should all be designated as bicycle lanes. I would like to see sidewalks on the north side of 31 from Sherry Lane to Owens Rd. Sidewalks on the East side of Owens Rd to the South edge of Lowe's property and then from the North edge of Lowe's to South Ave. People could easily and safely walk from Highview Circle, Gary Drive and Sweden Village and from the Village by way of South Ave to Lowes and Walmart on sidewalks”

Anonymous                                                                         posted 10/11/12

“Many valid comments have been made about bicycling on the sidewalk.  I myself am accosted by bicyclists on my way to work on campus.  They come up on you silently and swiftly.  They don't warn you. 

In Germany you have a little "clingle" bell that you have to use to warn people if you come up behind them.  It's a hard and fast rule, or else you will wreck vengeance from the person walking.  They also have a different color of brick on the sidewalk for walkers and bicyclists and it must be obeyed to prevent accidents.  There are also "no riding zones" where you have to get off your bike and walk or you will get a ticket.  We could have those in the downtown merchant district.  I got yelled at once for standing in a bike lane while waiting for a light to change.  How embarrassing! 

 Back to campus: Often someone thinks they can just "sneak" by you because they are adept at bicycling.  How do they know you aren't going to suddenly move right or left just a touch?  Just a little feedback.  I think you should be able to choose to ride on the sidewalk if you don't feel comfortable on the road, but too many people don't consider the effect they are having when a walker is unaware of the approach.  Keep riding!  I know a polite sidewalk rider personally.  She says good morning to me before she approaches me.  I love that! “

Linda Ketchum                                                                                     posted 10/11/12


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