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Name and Definition


The name of this unincorporated organization shall be the Pro-Brockport Political Action Committee (PAC) It is a voluntary not-for-profit organization whose members and affiliates are residents of the Brockport, NY, area and is not affiliated with any political party.



Mission Statement and Purposes

The mission of this PAC is to use its influence through legal political processes to promote the well-being of the greater Brockport community through effective governmental organizations and beneficial public policies, especially by preserving an economically and financially viable, effective, harmonious, constructive, and creative Village of Brockport government and through other related efforts.

The purposes of the Pro-Brockport PAC are to:

  1. Strive to improve non-partisan government in the Village of Brockport by encouraging Brockport Village citizens to play active, constructive roles in the political life of the Village.
  2. Support, serve, and advise others who promote open, ethical, fiscally-responsible government, and village-based public-safety, historic preservation, and economic development agencies.
  3. Solicit, obtain, and disseminate information, advice, and opinions on issues of public policy that are current in and relevant to the political life of the Village and on the voting records and policy positions of public office holders.
  4. Examine, discuss, and take positions on those issues and voting records and policy positions.
  5. Bring those positions to the attention of the community by private conversations, news releases, letters to editors, media interviews, printed material,  signs, and other appropriate legal means.
  6. Attend pubic meetings, workshops, and hearings of appropriate governmental and political bodies and present in an orderly and positive manner those policy positions.
  7. Obtain information on candidates and prospective candidates for any public offices that affect importantly the life of the Village, including but not limited to, Village Trustees, Council Members of the Towns of Sweden and Clarkson, county and state legislators, members of Village and Town boards and committees, and special district commissions and boards.
  8. Use that information to form carefully-considered opinions on which candidates and prospective candidates would promote the policy positions of the PAC.
  9. Identify the candidates and prospective candidates who are likely to advance these purposes.
  10. Endorse and support those candidates and prospective candidates through public statements, voluntary campaign efforts, legal financial contributions, and other appropriate and legal means.
  11. Support in any appropriate and legal way public office holders who are serving these purposes.
  12. Solicit, receive, and expend funds in appropriate and legal ways to further these purposes.
  13. Support other organizations and individuals whose purposes coincide with those of this PAC.