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Frequently asked questions

What is Astrology? 

Astrology is a traditional Indian science of dealing with Planets and how they act their cast upon humans.

What is a Horoscope? 

Horoscope is an instrument which depicts the planetary positions of an individual based on his birth date, time and place. This will not change in one's lifetime.

What is the minimum information required to chart a horoscope?

The minimum information that will be required to prepare a Horoscope for prediction are:

  1. Date of Birth
  2. Time of Birth (Prediction can be accurate only if this is accurate)
  3. Place of Birth (Geographical Longitude and Latitude of the place)

How to identify problems through Horoscope?

As per placement of planets in the horoscope, we can predict the merits and demerits of a human life. This is done by the basic instincts of the planets. 

For example: The planets like Guru, Sukra, Chandra will do best things in one's life if they are placed in a suitable position.

Planets like Kuja, Shani, etc will do harm if they are not placed well.

How to predict solutions through the findings? 

We will be also able to find the solutions from the horoscope as well as through by means of Prasnam. Prasnam is a way of knowing current position of one's exact happening in their day-to-day life.

For example: The best planets are well placed in one's horoscope but things may not be getting good results, in such cases we will come to know the exact problem by means of Prasnam. Though horoscope will not change in one's lifetime, by means of one's deeds enmity can arise. This can cause problems in life which cannot be determined in the horoscope.

What is an Yantram?

In synonym to a birth stone, this is made in either Gold, Silver or Panchaloham (Mixture of Copper, Silver, Gold, Iron, Bronze). This instrument helps in diverting the bad planetary effects away.

What is a Raksha?

Raksha is a guard to protect the body and life from evil deeds. It will be either dollar-type or talisman-type made of Silver or Gold. The Silver talisman will last for 3-5 years whereas Gold talisman will last one lifetime. 

How is Yantram/Raksha prepared?

First the appropriate diagram will be inscribed onto the Yantram, which will then be made available for Praana Prathishta to get its sanity. It will then be followed by 21 days of Puja to get best results.

In some cases appropriate Homam will also have to be performed to get the very best result.

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