Setting Up Unix-like environment on Mint

Mint is build based on Unix-like processes, inter-processes communications and data structure. So Mint understands the Unix environment by default.

To complete the Unix-like environment in Mint, a Unix file/folder structure is required and the use of programs ported from Unix. Programs ported from Unix can be easily download and installed. So this tuitorial concern is to setup the very first Unix file/folder structure and some programs used in Unix such as the list command and the all-important Unix Shell (command shell).
  1. Download the Unix bundle and tools
    The Unix Environment bundle contains a file/folder structure and several Unix-like programs that can easily be installed on the Unix-like filessystem \ on your Mint. This is normally the Ext2 Filesystem.
    • The bundle can be downloaded from here
    • The tools to unarchive the bundle can be download from here

  2. Transfer downloaded files to Ext2 file system partition
    Copy the and the files to the root of the Drive D: (Assume that yoiur Ext2 FS partition is Drive D:). 
    Unzip the 2 files using STZIP or equivalent.
    • will unzip to root.tar
    • will unzip into TAR.TTP and GZIP.TTP. We will use TAR.TTP here.

  3. UnTar the TAR file
    A TAR file is an archive of folders and files along with the permissions of a Unix backup. To unTAR root.tar into your Drive D:, double click on the TAR.TTP and type in the following, The files will be untar into the Drive D:.

  4. Warning:
    Please use the TAR method above to create the Unix root files. Unarchiving it in another OS or in your TOS or FAT32 partition will make it either changes upper/lower case, loose the long filenames structure or loose it's file permissions. This will recreate unexplainable results in MINT.

  5. Running the Unix Shell
    To run the Unix Shell, from the GEM desktop open Drive D: and go into the BIN folder. Double click on TCSH and click OK if it ask you to enter a parameter (you don't need any). The Unix shell will come up in a Window. You may want to change the color of the FONT by going to TOSWIN toolbar Optins > Config Window.
    The normal command of CD (change directory) and ls (list directory) are there. 

The Unix shell allows you to run ported Unix application, of which you have a handful in the /d/bin folder. In order to have more ported Unix programs, it is necessary to install RPM that will allow you to install more ported Unix applications in a controlled way. You should install RPM next to exploit the full power of MiNT. 

Updated:14 Jun 2011
created: 4 Mar 2010