Mint Installation Guide Intro

There are several versions of MiNT.

The version that came from Atari was version 1.08 which is considered dated.
Today the current version is version 1.17.0 which is available from the SpareMint Archives.

The tuitorial here, however, uses version 1.16.1.
As of writting, installing newer versions of Mint is basically the same, so there is no lost in using this older version.

Upgrading Mint to a newer version is also presented here in this web site.

Beginners should start with:
  • Installing Mint
  • Personalising Mint

After which a nice multitasking OS will be available to be running on your Atari.
  • Mint Extended filesystem
  • Mint Unix-like environment
  • Mint Networking
will give you the loadable extended fileystem, with long filename and access control list (ACL). Unix like working environment via the command shell.

And the all important networking capability to access the Internet world.
  • Mint and RPM
  • Mint RPM sequence
Where by the powerful Sparemint distribution of Atari Mint will be installed and configure.
  • Backing Up Mint
  • Upgrading Mint
  • Mint Boot Speed up
These are general topics and applicable for your up keep of the OS.