Atari software from PHSW

These are software created to make full use of the newer powerful Atari computers - the CT63 with CTPCI equipped Falcons and the Firebee. These machines have more colours, larger screen resolutions and networking capabilities (using MiNTNet).

PH World Clock

PH World Clock displays the time of your selected city, region or country. 
It uses, Google geolocation and Google time zone services for time calculation. You do not need to know the time zone of the location, just enter the name of the location. 
It displays the flag of the selected country as the clock face.

Requires Mint with MintNet and LDG with graphics codecs.. 

 Probe House World Clock v1.2    
 CF5475 & 68020-68060, 68000 build   

PH Weather 

PH Weather is a program that displays the weather of a city. It displays a graphical representation of the weather and the temperature of the City. Supports multiple weather locations display.
This apps runs in colour mode and requires network to the Internet.
Requires Mint with MintNet and LDG with graphics codecs. 

 Probe House Weather v 2.7  
 CF5475, 68020-68060 & 68000 build   

PH Clock

PH Clock is a graphical clock for your desktop.   Chimes and alarm function - use any sound file for the chime and alarm tune by dragging it on to the clock.
This apps runs on Mint or MagiC with LDG graphics codecs. A colour display screen would be nice.

 Probe House Clock v1.4     
CF5475 & 68020-68060, 68000 build
Clock Face pack  - extension pack containing 24 clock faces in True colour and 256 colors. Prepared by AtFaCT Factory


PH Gmap is a Google Maps viewer for the Atari. You can move around, zoom in & out of the map. Road maps, satellite view and hybrid view are available.

Google Street Views allow you to take your Atari for a virtual drive. 

Displays location of photos  containing exif GPS information on Map as thumbnails.

Routing shows you the route from point A to B. Supports GPX file for tracing on a map.

This app requires Mint with MintNet, LDG JPG Codec and Internet connectivity.

Probe House GMap v2.42   
CF5475 & 68020-68060, 68000 build

PH vCard Viewer

Views vCards on your Atari computer.

This apps runs on Mint with LDG graphics codecs.


 Probe House vCard Viewer v1.1      
CF5475 & 68020-68060, 68000 build  

PH Easy Remote Print

PH Easy Remote Print is a client utilising LPD protocol, RAW protocol and Google Cloud Print. Submitting print jobs are now just a simple drag & drop or use the redirector to directly sent print job to your network printer.
Monitor LPD print queue and cancel jobs from the GUI. 
This apps runs on Mint. A networked printer or lpd server (Mac. Windows or Linux) is required.

 Probe House Easy Remote Print v 3.0   
CF5475 & 68020-68060, 68000 build  

 Previous version with folder monitoring -> Probe House Easy Remote Print v 2.1   
CF5475 & 68020-68060, 68000 build  

PH Forum Notify

Don't miss out on your private or subscribed topics posting.
Check your forums for private mails and subscribed topics directly from your Atari desktop. Multiple forums are checked within minutes. 

 Probe House Forum Notify v1.1      
CF5475 & 68020-68060, 68000 build

PH News Feed

Read RSS feed from your Atari desktop.
Supports RSS feed from News site and forums. Customised support for Google News.
Configure and saves up to 50 feeds URL in the application. 

This app requires Mint with MintNet or MagiC with MagxNet, Internet connectivity and
AV Server desktop with a browser. 

Probe House News Feed v1.3 
CF5475, 68020-68060 & 68000 build

PH Currency Converter

You're buying your <insert item here... for example FireBee>, but the price is in Euros.
So what's the amount in your local currency. Use PH Currency Converter to do the conversion. Rates are based from Google web services.

This app requires Mint with MintNet and Internet connectivity.

Probe House xchange v1.20   
CF5475  & 68020-68060 build  

PH SyncTime

PH SyncTime is a simple program that checks and syncs the computer clock with a Network Time Protocol (NTP) server. It uses the simple version of NTP, simply called Simple Network Time Protocol (SNTP).
Almost all the NTP client for the Atari seems to sync the hardware clock to UTC time. This small app understands local mode and will sync the hardware clock accordingly. So you can even use the local time for TOS. Requires Mint with MintNet. 
Automatically sync your Atari on bootup without any command line parameters.

Probe House SyncTime v1.3  
68000, 68020-68060 build  

PH PDF beta 4

This is a beta GDOS printer driver that outputs PDF docs instead of to a printer. So now you can create PDF document from your favorite Atari program.
Current beta supports Speedo GDOS and NVDI, TrueType fonts and 24-bits colour graphics which gives your PDF output nice looking fonts, VDI drawing squares, circles, ellipse as well as VDI patterns and hatchings. 
Lots of new VDI calls supported.

Probe House PDF beta   
68020-68040, 68000 & CF5475 build  Download here    

ATI NVDI auto switcher

This program automatically renames file extension based on whether the ATI radeon on the CTPCI is detected as ON or OFF. It will disable files listed in it's configuration file by changing the file extension ( i.e if extension is SYS, changes to SYX thereby disabling it). If the ATi Radeon is detected as not running, it will restore the file extension to normal whereby enabling it again.

This program can automatically set your NVDI SYS files when you toggle between NVDI and ATI Radeon mode. In my include config file, I also enable/disable Videl Inside. This software was done in 2011, it is provided as-is with no support.

  Download here    


last update: 21 May 2020  
created: 23 May 2012