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 I am a trying to offer some protected first amendment advice on those of you finding yourselves stuck in our ridiculous, bottomless, greedy, money hungry system and having to do countless months and spend thousands of dollars to return your lives back to normal.
Does it seem right that if your on the receiving end of a restraining order that it only goes one way? The "victim" can constantly molest the life of the "offender" with ZERO repercussions, and even being immune from typical harassment as defined by law because the offender can not communicate the desire to have the harassment stopped. A victim can show up at the house of the offender, and the offender will go to jail.
Is a DUI really a ten thousand dollar mistake if nobody was hurt? Is a small amount of powdered drugs really a felony? Effecting every aspect of your life and lively hood until the end of time? 
I could go on for days. Just a few examples. Our system sucks, Jamming up good people for making mistakes, while letting truly violent and deserving criminal off in record time. If you ask yourself why...just follow the money. Who pays, and who cannot. pretty simple.

Heres my disclaimer. 
Some people deserve the trouble they found. Some don't. This is intended to give good people in a pinch some useful information. Perhaps you have a DUI, were arrested in a mandatory arrest DV situation, or even got caught with a small amount of party drugs. Good people who make mistakes is who I am talking to. 

if your a career criminal, been to jail more than say five times, or if you have found yourself here due to crimes against children, or truly violent or meaningless crimes, then hit the road. You deserve what your getting. This is not a place for you.