Concentration Week: Probabilistic and Algebraic Methods in Quantum Information Theory

Texas A&M University - College Station, Texas. 

July 17-21,2017.

This concentration week is part of the Workshop in Analysis and Probability.


The past decade has seen a spectacular development of powerful new mathematical tools in quantum information theory, including  random matrix theory, free probability theory, representation theory, tensor categories, quantum groups, non-commutative harmonic analysis, operator spaces,  and the theory of non-local games.  The aim of this concentration week is to bring together both leading experts and young researchers in these fields to further explore these emerging connections.  This workshop is intended to be multidisciplinary, with the hope of fostering communications between researchers with different backgrounds and interests related to quantum information theory.  As part of the concentration week, there will be three mini courses, and multiple research lectures  ,

Mini Courses: 

Marius Junge: Operator space techniques in quantum information theory 

Volkher Scholz:  Quantum information theory with infinite-dimensional quantum systems and connections to quantum field theory

William Slofstra: Algebraic methods for non-local games and quantum correlations.


  • Jason Crann
  • Motohisa Fukuda 
  • Gilad Gour
  • Sam Harris
  • Marius Junge
  • Carlos Palazuelos
  • Eric Rowell
  • Mary Beth Ruskai
  • William Slofstra
  • Christopher King
  • Volkher Scholz
  • Graeme Smith
  • Thomas Vidick
  • Jon Yard

Organizing Committee:
Michael Brannan (TAMU) and Benoit Collins (Kyoto)

Contact the organizers if you have any questions.