PRNI2018 will be held at the Centre for Life Sciences at the National University of Singapore, Singapore. The conference site is easy to get to from the airport via public transportation: consider the MRT train from the airport, followed by a bus or streetcar (see the
directions below). 
Regular hotel bookings can be individually performed by the attendees via Expedia, Google Maps or other search engines around the venueFor example, this link will show you few examples.

Arriving by public transport
Take the MRT to the Buona Vista MRT station, transfer at the Buona Vista MRT Interchange to the Circle Line and alight at the Kent Ridge Station. After alighting, you will arrive at Lobby B of National University Hospital, walk further towards Lobby A of National University Hospital. Exit the Lobby A entrance, turn left and you should see a slope leading up towards Medical Drive. Walk up until you see a building named Centre for Life Sciences.
Arriving by private transport/taxi
Prior to your visit, kindly notify our office if you need a parking space in front of the building, as we have limited parking space. Alternatively, you might want to park at the public car parks located around NUH or at the Science Faculty car park. 
Take the Buona Vista Road (exit 8) on the AYE and follow the sign to National University Hospital (NUH). Head towards NUH (don't turn into NUH) and go straight until you see Medical Drive. Turn left onto Medical Drive. Once you turn onto Medical Drive, go straight, then make a right turn upslope, follow the road until just before a dead end and on the left you will see a car park, make a right turn and then turn left at the top of the slope where you will see a building named Centre for Life Sciences.
How to find the place of the PRNI2018 workshop? 
From Medical Drive, find the stairs on the left side of the building just to the right of the NUH staff carpark. Ascend to the top of the stairs (two levels) and you will enter through the main glass doors of the Centre for Life Sciences (CeLS) building. The auditorium for the PRNI2018 workshop is just on your right-hand side. (See the map: marked the place of the workshop and the nearby canteens on the campus map)