Pattern recognition techniques are an important tool for neuroimaging data analysis. These techniques are helping to elucidate normal and abnormal brain function, cognition and perception, anatomical and functional brain architecture, biomarkers for diagnosis and personalized medicine, and as a scientific tool to decipher neural mechanisms underlying human cognition. The International Workshop on Pattern Recognition in Neuroimaging (PRNI) aims to: (1) foster dialogue between developers and users of cutting-edge analysis techniques in order to find matches between analysis techniques and neuroscientific questions; (2) showcase recent methodological advances in pattern recognition algorithms for neuroimaging analysis; and (3) identify challenging neuroscientific questions in need of new analysis approaches.
  • All the accepted papers will be published in IEEE Xplore digital library
  • Authors should prepare full papers with a maximum length of 4 pages, two column IEEE style. (The entire paper, including references, must be no longer than 4 pages when formatted.)
  • To enable double-blind reviewing, submissions need to be anonymized: do not list authors' names or affiliations (e.g., keep the placeholder words from the template in the header), and cite your own work in a passive voice (e.g., "in previous work", not "in our previous work"). Non-anonymized manuscripts will not be reviewed.
  • Manuscript submission is now closed
  • Accepted manuscripts will be assigned either to an oral or poster sessions; all accepted manuscripts will be included in the IEEE Xplore digital library.
  • Every accepted submission must be presented at the workshop by one of the paper's authors, and each person can present only one paper.
  • Please send questions to, @PRNIworkshop, or
Poster-Only Abstracts
Abstract submission is now open.  If you have questions about a submitted abstract, email or
  • Email the abstract as a pdf attachment to before 04 May 2018 now closed. Questions about abstracts may be sent to this address as well.
  • The abstract file should include the title, author list, main text, figures and/or tables (optional), and references, in that order.
  • The author list should include the institution and an email address for each, and indicate which author(s) plan to present the poster if accepted. 
  • The main abstract text is limited to 500 words (word count not including the title, author list, tables, captions, or references).
Deadline: 04 18 April 04 May 2018, 11:59 pm (PDT) now closed
A tutorial can take a form of 2h, 4h or whole day event aimed at demonstrating a computational technique, software tool, or specific concept. Tutorial proposals featuring hands on demonstrations and promoting diversity (e.g. gender, background, institution) will be preferred. PRNI will provide facilities and cover conference registration fees for two tutors. To apply please send a one page proposal to according to the format:
  • Title
  • Presenter(s) name(s) and institution(s)
  • Abstract of the tutorial topic
  • Outline of program with suggested length
  • Abstract of each presentation
  • Prerequisites
  • Materials needed